Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here's another one for boot-lickers to justify

It's irrelevant that Ryan Moats is an NFL player, because this is about pure justice. He and his wife were racing to the hospital, to say goodbye to his wife's dying mother. They ran a red light, and a pig stopped and harassed them, threatening them with jail just for running the red light!

This pig deserves to be found and beaten so severely that he literally becomes the spineless lump of flesh he is. Do you see what he did? Moat's wife's father didn't get to say goodbye. Wife's father, meaning the dying woman's husband or at least ex-husband!

"You can either settle down and cooperate or I can just take you to jail for running a red light." Yeah, just like the asshole who told my mother he could make her wait there all day if he wanted, because she beeped her horn at a truck that had stopped in the middle of the road with no hazard lights. Or the assholes who had no warrant, no probable cause, no suspicion, only hearsay, yet barged into my family's home and threatened me, "We can take you to jail right now!"

Not being able to say goodbye is a particularly painful subject for me. My father had terminal cancer and supposedly had weeks or maybe a few months to live, but he suddenly got very bad and died the very night before my flight home. But that was just timing, not a goddamn pig's interference.

Update: I see a comment from someone who understands. "Mike" said, "Unfortunately we don't pay police officers to think, just follow the rules and react." Absolutely right. As my friend Billy Beck put so well,
Many times, I have pointed out the fact that these people are not permitted to reason to a moral conclusion on their own powers. That is not among the values that they act for. They act in order to validate their training, and make no mistake: this is a part of that.

If you are convinced of the value of freedom and they get a hint of it, you will be a suspect to them.

Can you understand what this means two hundred thirty-three years after the Declaration?

Doesn't it hurt your soul when you think about it?
I'm pleased to return the favor of the link. Billy linked my post about two pigs in action, assaulting and kidnapping a woman who dared to assert her rights against their tyranny.


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