Friday, May 23, 2008

All right, pig-lovers, justify this asshole's behavior

This is why I hate cops, every last one of them. While I was at work, my mother was driving herself and her sister around. A big semi was completely stopped in the middle of the road. My mom and aunt gave it a few minutes, but it didn't move at all. Now, my mother can be a bit careless in driving, which perennially worries me, but she's not aggressive enough to go around a stopped vehicle.

She dared to honk her horn. That was it. She had the unmitigated impudence to apply momentary pressure to the center of her steering wheel, using that time-honored device that, gee, for decades we all thought was for that very purpose!

Not so, according to the state trooper who suddenly appeared. I'm guessing he had his car in front of the semi, where my mom couldn't see him. Maybe the truck driver had been pulled over for a traffic infraction, which would mean the trooper was stupid to keep the truck in the middle of the road, instead of having the driver pull onto the shoulder. Maybe the truck was having mechanical problems and/or was stuck.

Now if the truck had mechanical problems, wouldn't you think an "officer of the law" would be nice enough to take a couple of minutes and direct my mother around? Not so. The asshole came to the driver's side window and started yelling for my mom to roll it down. He didn't give her a ticket, but the fucker kept screaming at her and even threatened, "I can make you wait here all day if I want to!"

My challenge to all of you who worship authority, who kowtow to someone just because he flashes a badge, who dismiss police shooting civilians with "Well the guy had it coming," is to justify this pig's actions. I dare anyone to tell me that he was so brave to pick on a woman in her 60s, who simply beeped at someone obstructing the flow of traffic.

My mother was shaking all that time. Her sister, being more sophisticated, knew what was happening. My mother thought to write down the pig's badge number, but she was so frightened. My aunt later told her that dropping the matter was the right thing. Ordinarily I want people to stand up for themselves, damn it, but since it was my mom, I regretfully agree that it was best to let things go. God knows the pig would have invented some excuse to give her a ticket, or busted a rear taillight if he had to create an infraction, or made something up to haul her in and impound her car.

My aunt knows all about what the pigs do, thankfully not from personal experience. Her husband, a lawyer, has been (was?) unsuccessfully representing an elderly Chinese couple who are suing the NYPigD over a botched bust. Some months ago now, the pigs were looking to bust a prostitution ring, except they busted down the door of the wrong apartment (surprise surprise). The warrant even specified the correct apartment number, but the pigs still barged into the wrong Queens apartment! They immediately pushed the elderly couple down to the floor, shoved guns into their faces, and handcuffed them. This is something the two expected in their former home of communist China, but not here! As far as I know, my uncle still can't proceed with the lawsuit. The plaintiffs have discovered the "blue wall of silence": my uncle can't even get the arresting officers' names, or a copy of the arrest report. It didn't matter that a judge subsequently ordered that the subpoena be enforced; the pigs simply ignore it, and there's no one accountable.



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