Monday, March 16, 2009

OK, boot-lickers, justify what this pig does here

My friend Charlie sent me this. You can find another version here. Good for Abby Newman, although she could have gone further than resisting: she had every reason to defend her person by shooting dead these two thugs once they assaulted and kidnapped her.

Yes, they committed crimes against her. There wasn't even suspicion she did anything wrong, let alone probable cause (suspicion must become probable cause to justify a warrant for search and/or seizure). They're assaulting her and have the unmitigated audacity to accuse her -- a housewife with no weapon, against two rednecks on a power trip. Yeah.

Goddamn pigs, every last one of them. "Ashamed of themselves"? They should be strung up and slowly eviscerated alive to the cheers of little children. They have no rights after doing this.

We can talk about "due process" all we want, but this is one of those times. This is one of those times when one person on a jury needs to follow justice, not whatever "the law" says,

My comment to some idiot who said it was a lawful stop:
A free clue for you, boot-licker: was there any suspicion of a crime?

No. None at all. Therefore "law enforcement" has no authority to compel her to identify herself.

What you don't understand is that government and its agents doesn't have "rights." It has "authority" to do certain things, but not "rights." Rights are inherent, so it does not apply to government. Government's powers come only from the people; none of it is inherent.

Go submit your rectum if you want. The rest of us will not.



Blogger David said...

First let me say it was an unlawful search and seizure, it was an unlawful stop and the police acted inappropriately.

However, she did not handle herself correctly either. We are in a police state and the police have been brainwashed to treat informed people as the enemy.

When she was stopped she should have informed the officer that she did not consent to the stop or request to produce her papers. She then should have asked to be dismissed. "Officer, am I being detained or am I free to go." When the officer pressed the issue about the ID she should have asked if he was ordering her or making a request. If it's an order, comply. If it's a request then maintain that you do not consent and decline his request to show papers.

After the altercation you file a complaint. You can also decide to sue. The officer stopped you without cause, unlawfully detained you and performed an illegal search and seizure. You go after the officer, the chief and anybody higher up you can find for failure to properly train.

If you but heads and become combative you get labeled a subversive kook and you'll get nowhere. If you are respectful, comply with their orders and remain level headed you have a chance. It's your duty to ensure civil rights are maintained. You're not upset that you didn't get your way, you have a duty to stand up for those that can't and address even the smallest infraction of your civil rights.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:56:00 PM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

You say that the police acted inappropriately. So why should any person have to submit to that? What you're describing is just that: submitting to the police state, instead of resisting it as is our right.

It isn't even practical to work within the system. Since when did "filing a complaint" do anything but put the officers on "paid administrative leave for __ weeks pending an investigation"? Since when did it actually remove the bad cops?

If you want to reduce your God-given rights to "having our way," all right, but I will not back off from asserting and living mine. It's not my "duty to ensure civil rights are maintained." It's my right to defend myself when someone infringes upon them. Do you not agree that it's unacceptable enough to have a private individual infringe upon our rights? Then how much more unacceptable is it when they're infringed upon by someone with "authority" from the state?

Police have barged into my family's home and threatened me with arrest, though there was no lawful suspicion let alone EVIDENCE of a crime. There was only hearsay from an accuser 2000 miles away. A corrupt town judge threatened me with arrest, when his friend was suing me, on a made-up story.

And as far as asking if you're being detained or are free to go, what if the pig doesn't answer? A state trooper once told my mother, "I can make you wait here all day!" Click the link for the story, and also the story of an elderly Chinese couple who tried "working within the system" to get justice after the NYPD injured and assaulted them on a botched bust. So please don't tell me that working within the system works. I've seen more bullshit from the pigs in a mere 33 years that most people won't see in their lifetime.

Thursday, March 19, 2009 8:00:00 PM  

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