Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The ever-lying "CaptiousNut" aka "Nuthead"

You may remember this and this. I was Googling my surname tonight (and found a long-lost nephew) and found that Nuthead is up to the same old trick of waiting a long time, then insulting me behind my back in the hope I won't notice, allowing him to claim victory.

He's consistently pathetic, but now has lost the "pitiable" part. As a pathological liar, he's just digging himself deeper. Ordinarily, the rest of us who live in reality could have pity, but this guy has so deluded himself that the only suitable emotion is scorn. I've already disproved his libel in the two previous posts, but he's created this fantasy about me. It's said that people will believe a lie if you tell it to them a thousand times. Well, this guy must be pulling his own version of Stuart Smalley, repeating lies about me in front of the mirror every night, babbling that he's "smarter than that Eidelbus guy."

That "childhood picture" obviously isn't me, and it's likely this "childhood friend" of mine exists solely in Nuthead's mind. The kid is pure Caucasian, and to boot, I never wore trendy T-shirts when that young (my father insisted I dress somewhat formally). I suppose I'll have to scan some pictures someday, although I'm bad even about putting up digital pictures. In any case, Nuthead is repeating the same old lies, and making new ones. But why is he doing it?

For those of you who haven't read my blog long enough, it all started nearly two years ago. He had to make up a big deal about our disagreement over American Idol, of all the silly things. And of all the stupid things, he called me a socialist -- which anyone with a hint of brain would realize is an absurd non sequitur. So then he wrote me a diatribe-filled e-mail, whose first sentence I saw in Gmail's header. I simply deleted it and politely replied that I did so, because I wasn't interested in arguing. He seemed like an all right guy and has some concept of free market economics, but this simple disagreement over nothing revealed his underlying mental illness. It's some sort of creepy obsession, but usually they don't last so long. I've experienced this a couple of times before with online antagonists. The last was a few years ago with someone who played the same online game. It turned out that this notorious homosexual had a crush on me. Go figure. Is history repeating itself here, or is Nuthead simply jealous that I have such a kind and beautiful wife?

What possess someone to babble on and on about how superior he is, yadda yadda, and how he's the driving force to make people "reform"? For all his claims of "success," the rest of us doubt them. His apparent megalomania, is neither "virtuous" nor "paternalist." It's simply called being an asshole, and it doesn't get you far in the office or in real life. Does his wife have such low self-esteem that she tolerates him, or was she the ugly girl in their hometown and the only one who'd go out with him? (Fair shot for me to make here. I simply wouldn't have made such a low blow first.)

So he got himself, at one point, so hated that nobody wanted to face him in basketball. The real reason, if he weren't so "self-oblivious" as he likes to call people, is that they didn't want to waste their time, not because they were "afraid" of him. Nobody likes a smug, self-righteous jerk of a co-worker, and such people are not tolerated especially in the financial world he claims to hail from. Part of what makes our team at work, actually our entire department, so successful is that nearly everyone is exceptionally friendly, not just courteous, to each other. Tough "professionalism" where it's merited is one thing, but there's no room for asswipes or prima donnas in any group that's to succeed. You'd think Nuthead would know this, at the adult age he claims to be. Go figure.

As if he didn't show it before, Nuthead shows he has incredibly poor character to insult someone's wife. But what else can he do, when he can't attack me? It's cowardice, plain and simple. My challenge always stands: let's see if Nuthead, or weedhead, has the guts to say these things to my face. Obviously, they never will. Andy Jackson had his faults, but when it came to his family, he a model of honor, willing to send men six feet under for their cowardice.


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