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A tale of two cowardly, racist liars

Previous post here. I don't like to delete comments. Even if a person is showing himself to be a moron, I prefer to let the comment stand and let you all see for yourselves. However, I always reserve the right to delete at my discretion.

In this case, "Contractor" left a comment that was a load of nonsense. He claimed to live on Boracay, said it's hardly "famous," yadda yadda, and then repeated the same lies about my fiancée. First, "famous" goes beyond his own provincial perception; it's a matter of how others perceive something as famous. It's a characteristic of liberals' natural arrogance. If something isn't important, "famous" or correct to them, it can't possibly be so.

Now he apparently found a friend in Nuthead, because he left a comment over on the twit's blog:
He called you a racist, but somehow its OK that his family only wanted him to marry a Filipina (which is just as racist as a father telling his daughter that she better not be messin' with them' thar niggar boys)
In fact, that isn't racist at all. Let's see him go up to parents who are traditional Jews, then accuse them of being "racist" because they don't want their children to marry a goy.

Racism involves a belief that one race is inherently superior. That's not the case here, or with Jews, Italians or any other ethnic group. Ever since my father died, and I was of age to start thinking about getting married, the other half (Filipino) of my family really wanted me to marry a Filipina. Not specifically to marry a Filipina, but because "You should find a nice Filipina who's traditional and will make you a good wife." They didn't want me to waste any more time with American girls, a lot of whom tend to be superficial.

Well, notwithstanding I'm only half Filipino anyway, I didn't want my family to "find someone" for me. I wanted to find someone on my own. And on my own, I happened to meet and fall in love with someone who's simply wonderful, and who happens to be Filipina.
He lists his location as being in NewYork...and threatened physical violence against you in public and involving your face with concrete - that is simple 'terroristic threatening', a legal term that has been around since before 9/11. It can be enacted upon pre-conviction by arrest warrant and detention for psychological evaluation in the State of New York.
It's, um, New York, with a space in the name.

Regardless of his ignorance, he can go right ahead and report me as he wishes. Was I making an active threat against anyone? Hardly. But I will state again, if any man wishes to have words with me, let him have the balls to say it to my face. What happens after that will not be my fault.
The goal seems to be to get her to the US, so that would seem like a mail-order bride.
Again, the tired old lie, from a pair of known liars and racists.

I've been thinking of moving there, as a matter of fact, as my father did. He went there on business, to invest in mining operations with some friends, and then he happened to meet and fall in love with someone he met at a party. So my father also married a "mail-order bride" too?
He spends a lot of time doing the Filipino-Pride angle...for a country and culture that he desperately doesn't want to live in with his new wife.
Another tired old lie, and he exhibits another classic liberal trait: assuming much about a person, which often becomes putting words into another person's mouth.

I always considered myself purely American. I grew up very American, even in the Philippines, speaking only English until I started learning other languages in school. Strangely enough, I've been coming a real Pinoy, when I'd have never dreamed of it a year ago.
The comment about airbrushing the pic, Perhaps he wasn't aware that every major professional photographer in the US of A typically photoshops every single proof in hopes of getting more prints sold. This is not new, been like that since the 70's...they used simple diffusion back then.
The photographer in the Philippines must be a sorcerer, then. Because he took the memory card out of the camera, put it in the computer, and showed us the pictures right away. His hand must have magical powers to airbrush the JPG right on the SD card!

Either that, or the guy is lying again. Occam's Razor tells us, yeah, he's just a liar.

And if anyone would like to meet me in person to see how "airbrushed" the pictures are, let me know. Charlie and Steve have been my friends for two decades; they know me as well as anyone.

My friend Karol noticed after I dropped 20 pounds. After 40, a friend's mother saw me for the first time since I began my training. She said it didn't look like me anymore. Besides improving my health dramatically, weight loss did change my face for the better. With a vegetable-oriented diet (meaning eating habits, not a weight loss fad) rather than a beef-oriented one, my complexion became lighter and clearer, and my skin tightened on its own.
I love his comment about being able to get any girl he wanted...I was living with a Norwegian male model for a while recently and even HE couldn't make that claim.
I could make a comment about this guy not being able to get a woman and so had to resort to fudge-packing, and that he apparently wasn't enough to satisfy his former partner, but I won't. Instead, I'll point out that I never said I could "get" any girl I wanted. My words are right there: "Even before I lost weight, I already could get "action" with girls. After slimming down, I could talk to most any girl I wanted..."

But he's right about one thing. I could never make the claim that I lived with a male model, let alone a Norwegian, and I'd never want to be able to make that claim. I'm not that type of guy.
I haven't seen any girls do a 'hair toss' since around 1990.
Based on his above admission, why would he notice what women do?

I can tell you exactly why he giving money to a "charity" the thousands of US passport holders I have known that got married to a native Filipina, one thing has NEVER failed to happen. They are asked for money. By the family. By the neighbors. Suddenly, there are relatives that need money for medical reasons, or the breadmaker of the house died and they need a little cash to help them thru the times.
What the fool does is take his own personal experience and extrapolate it to everyone else. This is the basis of the old liberal trick of "anecdote": something happened to him or someone he knows (foreclosure, bankruptcy because of medical bills, losing a job and not finding one for a year), so therefore it must be widespread among the population.

My in-laws have never asked me for money, nor would they. I suppose my mother-in-law was asking me for money every time she paid her own way, huh?
Or trickier, and not as common, suddenly a charity appears and they get all sorts of people in on it and before you know it, you're sponsoring kids in school because it makes you feel good and its only an even thousand and--oh yea--that kinda cements the wedding deal with the family.
Another "anecdote" that he insinuates must be my case.
Families act like they have the right to refuse on behalf of their daughters here. Not true. I've even seen a Mayor make that claim, right before he had this certain orphanage that needed a new roof..
See, there he goes again. "I've even seen," he says, so therefore it must be the case with me!

The fact is that I've never been asked for anyone by money, not even by the principal of the school. And if I had been asked to help donate for something worthwhile, like an orphanage, and I had the means to help, why should I refuse? Is this asshole so ignorant of the Third World that he thinks there aren't children in need?

This jerk exhibits a truly sinister kind of racism, painting Third World people not just as asking for money, not even as "always" asking for money, but implying they're greedy in asking for it. He also exhibits sheer hypocrisy in turning around and accuse my family of racism, just because they wanted me to marry a nice traditional girl.

If he really lives at Boracay, he's no doubt seen the poor people begging near the beach. What does he do to help them, or does he merely walk on by? Once again, not to make myself out to be a saint, but the very least I can do is give them whatever change I have, one- and five-peso coins, or a 20-peso note so that the children can at least buy some bread.

The first way I helped the school is by buying basic supplies, such as paper and pencils. In this village, the children sometimes cannot write, and if they cannot write, they cannot learn. Then it's the simple things to brighten their days, like candy. Every time I've gone to the Philippines, I've brought a duffel bag full of American candy. You never saw sweeter smiles or heard sweeter thank-yous. And I never felt so heartsick, or appreciative of our Western life, as when some of the children put the candy away, so they could bring it home and share with their families.

After that, it came down to finding out how many students had to drop out. Five bucks per student per year, that's it. So I challenge Nuthead, "Contractor" and all other hypocrites to look inside their hearts and reconsider what they're doing with their money.

Bono is the chief of such hypocrites. Instead of challenging others to give money, he should start cutting his luxurious expenses flying coach. He should walk among these desperately poor himself, and live among them, and learn what they must do to survive.
I decided not to leave any of those comments on his own blog though, I have no doubt they would be deleted.
The truth is that I deleted his previous comments because they said nothing new and simply perpetuated lies.

The next truth is that he was afraid to leave more here, in case I decided to rip them to shreds as I have here, so he libeled me elsewhere and hoped I wouldn't notice.

I probably spent too much time pointing out his racism, hypocrisy and outright lies, but the truth should be said, lest any of you believe the lies.

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