Thursday, June 15, 2006

More boot-lickers come out of the woodwork

I really dislike deleting comments summarily
The NYPD's mission: to subjugate and harass

I participated in Usenet flamefests starting in 1994, and on old BBS systems before then. Flame wars have always been a favorite of mine, though I tried to keep them away from my blog. Now, if I will keep comments open to my readers, and certain jackasses insist on spreading their crap on my intellectual property, I'll gladly dish it out.

Well, now we know where "Paul" got all his friends. As we've come to expect from Paul and his lackeys, there are innumerable lies and half truths. (It's also no wonder they went into law enforcement, because they could never cut it in the real world where grammar and spelling skills are required.) At this time I will set the record straight.

Note how one said that I got only one thing right, but he admitted too much: that part includes "Evidently they [the NYPD] want to start recruiting thugs from an early age."

One says my hatred of cops started because of the taxi bit. Bzzt! It actually began several years ago, with two sheriff's deputies I've mentioned before. There was no crime in the least, yet they barged into my family's home and threatened to arrest me: "We can take you to jail right now!" It's that "We ARE the law" arrogance that helped me start questioning anyone with authority over me, righteous or not. Did I give that person permission, or was it bestowed by others over my protest; and is that person worthy of the authority?

Fat? I've always been beefy, and it's no secret I've put on 20 pounds since I started full-time work three years ago. However, as to the state of my appearance, I'll take the word of my friend Jackie Passey. We met for the first time in April, and one of the things she said was that I'm not fat. (Jackie, despite her worries to the contrary, is not fat in the least.) I'm certainly not fat like most NYPD you see around town -- they make Sheriff Buford T. Justice look trim.

Well, my arguments against the pigs must be pretty damn good, if all they can do is resort to playground-caliber ad hominem. And lies: "I didn't want to reduce my comments to name calling and personal attacks even though the guy deserves it." Paulie Boy left one particular message that I definitely was not going to leave.

Another said, "He contradicted himself anyway by saying the NYPD doesn't go after the real criminals, then whines he wouldn't want to be stuck for 24 hours" in Central Booking. What I in fact said was a paraphrase of Ayn Rand: "Well, when the police can't be bothered with catching real criminals, they create new ones." So where did I say that the police never go after real criminals? Are these subtle points of logic beyond NYPDs' evidently diminished intellectual capacity?

Next up, we have a classic example of how the NYPD works: "If I want any sh1t from a perp I just squeeze their heads." Wonderful, and what if the person turns out to be innocent? The guy must be Justin Volpe (who did the most abuse to Abner Louima). Then he claims, "The guy has more chin's than a chinese phonebook," and "The back of his neck looks like a pack of franks!" I find those extremely odd, considering I look in the mirror many times a day and see one chin,
and my neck all around is quite smooth. Since the pig mentioned "a pack of franks," I wonder what's on his mind for dinner tonight?

Another resorted to the common accusation that blah blah, I have no life. The reality is that if I didn't have so much going on in real life, maybe I could do the blogging I wanted. That ties into his other point: my time is very precious. Today I went out for drinks after work, wondering whether I should, because I really had to get some other things done. I kept an eye on my watch and decided to leave at a precise time, which I did, and not one minute later. So when the NYPD tell us, we who are trying to hail taxis, to go around the corner, that's a waste on our busy lives.

"Could he be the famed Star Wars Kid?" No, nor do I look anything like him. By his logic, since I'm a fan of "Rob Roy," does that make me Liam Neeson?

Then Paul whined, "For all his talk about libertarianism the loser deleted comments he didn't like and shut down his comment section. So much for freedom of expression and the freedom of two sided debate. He believes in these freedoms so long as he agrees with you." Brad explained very well in this thread why that's complete nonsense. And obviously nothing is preventing little Paulie from blathering away on someone else's property, right?

The last said, "He sounds like a mealy mouth coward and has done nothing significant in his pitiful life except to host a site." Oh brother. In my capacity as a compliance analyst, I help my manager with his particular oversight of our firm. Though our department is more "error-correction" than anything, as a whole we are creating wealth for our clients. And what does the NYPD do in the meantime, besides create more victims out of innocent people?

And he brings us back to the whole freedom of speech thing. What he forgets is that conservatives like him are just as bad as liberals in wanting restrictions on speech. I recently read a complaint that the NYPD chief won't issue a permit for gays, lesbians and transsexuals to have a demonstration at 42nd and 8th, because apparently he doesn't like them. He does, though, give permits to other groups that he does like. I'm not gay, and I believe it's sin as the Bible says, but that's my opinion. I don't use the power of government to enforce that, nor do I go around telling gays that they're going to hell, which is not the love Christ taught us to have. Gays, lesbians and transsexuals are people too, and they have as much right to march and demonstrate.

I submit my blog as evidence that I not only tolerate but support and encourage people's right to be offensive. Offensive speech is the best kind there is, especially when directed at organized religion (Christianity, Islam and any other faiths). If your faith must call upon the power of government to stop people from insulting it, perhaps it's not as rock-solid as you'd like to think.



Blogger Shadowlands said...

Well first off let me begin by saying I'm nether Democrat or Republican. I actually hate politics.
I follow no political alignment.
I'm not here to attack your character or even change your mind. But there just some stuff that has to be said. Yes I'm a friend of Paul's, and a Police officer as well. I have also served in the military for three years, and you would be surprised to believe that some cops agree with you about tickets. As for the slandering I cant agree.
I suppose you've never been on the other side of the spectrum. If there wasn't any law enforcement things would go up shits creek obviously. Now I don't agree with everything the Deportment does, No. Could things be done differently sometimes yes. But referring to us as thugs is way out of line. I know Cops with Masters degrees. I guess you only see Manhattan cops. I work in Brooklyn and its very hard sometimes. I've carried a 16 year old that had been shot on a stretcher into ambulances. Seen cops run into burning buildings to save kids.
My point is there's always two types of people in this world good and bad, and that's with any job. You view us as bad cause we have to uphold the law and see it as harassment. You want harassment I suggest to go over to one of these third world countries and deal with their cops there. Instead of CPR you'll get a round in your head.
It just seems to me people like you have never really had to endure any real hardship. So you tend to nitpick at little stuff like taxi tickets. Plus I think you watch too much T.V.. We don't plant drugs on people or make up false charges. Sounds like you've been listening to too much 50 cent. It's not bad to question authority < As our founding forefathers did > But its also good to take both sides of the spectrum into consideration.
Well I've said what I had to say basically. Will this change your mind. I'm going to go with no. But maybe you cant open your mind a little and think why laws and there in the first place.
By the way hows that first amendment treating you?

Friday, June 16, 2006 11:25:00 AM  
Blogger Karol said...

This has gotten really ugly. I know Paul and in addition to him not being a conservative (as you refer to him in your post), he's a good guy, a good cop and generally the sort of person who wants to help people. If you two had met under any other circumstances, you'd definitely get along. Let's try to control tempers, boys.

Monday, June 19, 2006 4:40:00 PM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

shadowlands: as far as I'm concerned, the NYPD (and I suppose I should say "as a whole") brought any "slandering" upon themselves, stretching from past historical events to the individuals mentioned here. Like I said, there were some comments I deleted, and others I refused to moderate; I'm not going to inflict that kind of filth on my readers, thank you very much. Meanwhile, take a look at their little online hangout, and tell me honestly that those are the people you want protecting you. Putting it bluntly, fuck that and fuck them. If they wanted to prove they weren't "thugs," they could have acted like gentlemen, or at least better men. Instead, they validated the low opinion of law enforcement that I've had for a very long time. If those are the people supposed to protect me during my sojourns in the city, I'd rather pack my own heat and take my own chances.

I've never been "on the other side," nor do I ascribe to what I call "the Harper Lee myth." I don't need to walk in another man's shoes before I understand his perspective. I can believe that some cops don't like writing tickets, but then why do they stay in the job? As a matter of principle, I'd quit and find a line of work that doesn't force me to go against what I believe.

Don't take my tone toward you too harshly, because I won't deny you've done good things in the line of work, but civilians aren't prohibited from doing "heroic" things, you know. I realize you consider it "duty," and I intend no denigration here, but that is, after all, what you've been hired to do.

Yes, society would fall apart without law enforcement -- because government has disarmed the people and made them dependent on an organized police body. Do you think criminals would have run as rampant through parts of L.A., whether Watts or the "Rodney King" riots, if residents had AK-47s with which to spray looters and other vandals? And even with police, there are a lot of urban areas where regular (i.e. unarmed) citizens aren't "protected." Ask Broderick Hehman how well "law and order" worked for him. I only wish he could have been allowed to carry a firearm, just so he could blow away those wastes of DNA. You could throw those four little bastards into the Harlem river and society would be no worse off.

What disturbs me is your blanket dismissal of police corruption and impropriety. I actually don't watch a lot of TV or see many movies, thank you, but I stay on top of news, particularly the news that doesn't make it into mainstream media. Don't you remember the "Dirty Thirty"? Aren't you aware that your PD's reputation makes me wonder when Paul and his buddies will pass my pictures around, then ask anyone who might be working 43rd and Vanderbilt to treat me "extra nice" if they see me?

And by the way, I was born and raised for a time in the Philippines, which at the time was a police state. My parents, like many others, have been stopped at the point of a machine gun, so my family does know a thing or two about "harassment." Even so, I don't believe in tolerating government abuse because "it's worse elsewhere." I may indeed live in a pretty nice, sanitized world where my biggest personal problem with the NYPD is increased difficulty in getting a cab, but I've also worked damn hard to be where I am (and have been blessed by God far beyond what I deserve).

Regarding the First Amendment, mine is ok, though it would be better without foolishness like McCain-Feingold and the FEC. How is yours? And it's not like any police have any say in the matter for either of us. In this manner, Google is allowing me to use their private property as a means of storage for my own intellectual property.

So as I asked from the start, what harm is there in people catching taxis on the west side of Vanderbilt between 43rd and 44th? I've pointed out several times both the moral and efficiency aspects, but all others want to talk about is how I "hate" cops.

Karol: if perhaps I was a bit heavy-handed, and admittedly it can be my propensity, it nonetheless brought out what certain people really feel. I don't need some pig in a uniform coming onto my blog and throwing his piss-poor attitude around. Like I said, I have never had to moderate comments before, and I'm still a bit annoyed with that some jack-boot that pushed me to that.

You've met me. What you see is mostly what you get. I'm a nice enough guy, until pushed. I tolerate dissent, but I do not tolerate disrespect.

Monday, June 19, 2006 9:19:00 PM  

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