Monday, January 28, 2008

Go broke with Hugo!

Hugo Chavez said Saturday that Latin America should withdraw its reserves from U.S. banks -- in favor of where?

Why, the Latin American "development bank" that Chavez founded, of course. So what's to prevent Chavez from suddenly seizing the funds, or otherwise controlling them to advance his agenda, just as he's threatened Venezuela's own banks? Absolutely nothing, and that's exactly his diabolical ploy.

Meanwhile, it looks like Nicaragua's Ortega is trying to play both sides of the field. That game won't last forever, Danny Boy.


Schumer: buying votes, 100 at a time

Politicians like to brag about that they "saved jobs at home," which is merely a mask of protectionism. The FAA reportedly wants to move 100 jobs to Atlanta, but Schmumer will fight to keep them in New York.

I haven't the foggiest idea if these jobs are needed more in Atlanta or New York. Neither does Chuck the Schmuck. What I do know is that an economy is finite. Government can decree all it wants that it can create additional jobs elsewhere while maintaining existing jobs at home, but the reality is that resources are finite. Now, in the private sector, a company simply can't keep creating more jobs than it needs to meet its customers' demands. There's only so much money to go around, so a company must decide where jobs are best used. Government, however, simply takes our money (that we'd have spent elsewhere in the economy on what we deemed more desirable) to finance the additional jobs.

Government first uses its coercive power to extract money from us to sustain these jobs. Second, individual legislators tap into that coercive power for their own pet endeavors. In the private sector, jobs continue to exist only because of competition. Schumer, like John Kerry and virtually every other legislator, uses the power of legislative blackmail to keep the jobs.

The FAA isn't exactly free-market, but because they're the ones with the relevant information, I'd trust its bureaucrats more to move jobs where they think they're better used, rather than pandering politicians like Schumer.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Liberals deserve no mercy

As it is written, resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Satan and his minions are cowards, and this punk "hashfanatic" is no exception. He previously made a case, and a poor one at that, for socialized medicine here.

Discussion about politics is one thing, but let me be blunt when people want to involve my family: if any man wants to insult my fiancee, let him name the time and place so he can do so to my face, and I will bury him. If he so much as calls her a "mail-order bride," which is an outright lie, I will rip out his intestines through his nostrils.

But being the coward he is, this weedhead backed off, but not before trying to make it seem as if I instigated things. Is this liberal putz so stupid that they wonder why I reacted the way they did, after he threatened to deport me, an American citizen?

Yeah, he is. He's previously proven his cowardice and stupidity when trying to disparage my friend Karol about going to a bar, when parroting the line that Karol is a "neo-con" when she's far from one, when resorting to playground insults because he has no stamina for making an argument of substance, and last but not least, when exposing him as the Islamofascists' dream of a surrender-happy sycophant.

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Where's Perry?

I didn't even have time to say goodbye before leaving for another trip to the Philippines. My fiancee and I went to Tagaytay, a popular tourist destination for both Filipinos and foreigners. My family used to go to Tagaytay often when I was little, and with its proximity to metro Manila, we'd leave in early morning and could return by nighttime without needing to stay overnight. My fiancee and I stayed for a few days to enjoy the cooler climate and scenery. It's the only site in the world with an island within a lake within an island within a lake: inside the large Lake Taal is the Taal volcano, and the volcano has a 2-km-wide lake within, which itself has a small volcanic island.

Next, we went to Pagsanjan, another popular getaway. My sister holds our family painting depicting a couple of boats going down the rapids, which is the only thing for tourists. My mother says that she took my sister and me to Pagsanjan when we were small, but I'm sure I'd have remembered the boat ride. Now, the rapids on a clear day are already treacherous enough, but when my fiancee and I were there, it was raining very hard, and going to the main waterfalls was simply too dangerous. We made it as far as the smaller waterfalls but had to turn around.