Monday, September 14, 2009

"I don't need to be an American living in US to come up with a relevant and well-thought opinion about their economy or politics."

I didn't say that, someone else did. At first I thought this referral was by another "Tita Cory" worshipper looking to insult me behind my back, but these chaps Genkied (who linked) and tyrone (who said what I quoted for the title) actually recognize the truth about her. I don't quite agree she was the worst, but as I've been saying, she did plenty of damage to the country in her own way.

Yes, I was young when repatriated (having been born an American citizen) to the United States. However, I don't have to justify or excuse that, or counter that "My parents lived under martial law and told me." Not having "been there" is no reason to disqualify someone from having an informed opinion on a subject. So as I said to a certain troll, it doesn't matter if she really was at the "People Power Revolution" while my family watched it on TV. History has recorded what happened, and in fact people who were not there have developed a more objective perspective: having "been there," she refuses to let go of the mythology. The irony is that, clearly outmaneuvered and outclassed, she reversed her original strategy and tried to accuse me of not being American.

The essence of her and others' argument is, "Were you there, Charlie? Well then..." And it's appropriate: it was Baron Munchausen's only excuse when being questioned on his literally unbelievable stories.


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