Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all, and God bless us, every one

Tonight was my first time hosting Christmas dinner. My wife and I hosted my mother, instead of the usual family party at my aunt's house, but I did all the serious cooking myself. If I may brag, the Eidelbus tradition of rib roast and mashed potatoes turned out as well as it ever did under my parents, not to mention my own fabulous barbecued ribs for lunch.

And to ruin Christmas for the rest of us, I counted at least three goddamn morons on the road. The first was on Stoneleigh Avenue in Putnam County, where someone had stopped their car in the middle of the incoming lane, i.e. without moving it onto the shoulder, and only a few seconds (at driving speeds) after a blind curve. I couldn't believe this complete idiocy, and then as I went around that curve, I saw three cars which I can only pray could stop in time.

Approaching home, I saw that one more imbecile has crashed into my poor neighbor's fence. It's a beautiful combination of a stone wall with white pickets on top, running along a fairly tight curve (20-mph). The guy keeps white Christmas-type lights on it all year long, so that nighttime drivers unfamiliar with the area, and who are too stupid to pay attention to the sign indicating a curve up ahead, will navigate through. Still, some damn fool once in a while...

Finally, after driving my mother home, some putz made a sudden left turn in front of us. I braked in time, but if that SOB had hurt us, then I'd have gutted him on the spot, Christmas or not. This was again on Stoneleigh Avenue, which has more than its share of bad drivers.

So God bless even these bad drivers, if anything to keep them the hell away from the rest of us.

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