Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm beat, but I didn't quit

My thanks to JP Morgan Chase for hosting another annual Corporate Challenge. I was unaware when I wrote my previous entry that tonight's was the second of two races on consecutive days, with 15,000 entrants each night. The split was necessary to accomodate all those in NYC who wanted to participate: all the major financial, accounting and consulting firms, plus some smaller ones and even city departments. My firm's team participated tonight. Weather conditions were great, not too hot or humid, except when a torrential downpour started around 8.

The Corporate Challenge is roughly 5K. The NYC course this year was a certified 3.5-mile route around Central Park. It's my first 5K ever, and there's always next year. So far I've dropped 33 pounds total and want a bit more yet. Because you must make your way through a huge crowd, the first mile took me 20 minutes -- compare that to how I can walk the mile from Grand Central to work in 15 minutes flat, in leather-soled dress shoes. The second mile was much better, after I passed the pure walkers, but beyond that, things got tough as my left knee finally started to act up, as it typically does when I run. I injured it some months ago, with crowded conditions one morning on Metro-North that had me sitting twisted like a pretzel for 40 minutes, and another day when I got up just the wrong way and twisted my knee.

Before the race, I took a couple of Motrin preemptively, knowing my left knee would give me trouble. It helped that the ibuprofen was already in my blood when the pain began, but that didn't help completely. Halfway through the race, the sharp pains began running (nyuk nyuk) throughout my lower left leg. I even had a slight cramp for a couple of minutes, just after the 3-mile marker. But I refused to give up, no matter what time I posted. There's a point at which you grit your teeth and can ignore such pain, because you tell yourself you must endure and finish, or else. It didn't help later that I walked well over a mile back to the office so I could change into dry clothes, then almost raced down to Grand Central to catch the next train home.

I'm really beat and may need to spend a couple of days in bed, like last weekend when I was suffering from exhaustion.



Blogger John said...

Well done, sir!

Friday, June 22, 2007 3:41:00 PM  

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