Thursday, January 12, 2006

What is Westchester trying to do, get more women murdered?

Last June 29th, Connie Carriero was brutally murdered at the Galleria Mall in White Plains (about 30 minutes north of NYC). She was killed by a black man who considered himself "at war" with white people. In a confession he later retracted, he said he chose her, a blonde and blue-eyed woman, because "I wanted to kill someone who represents the white lifestyle...I did it and I have no remorse and I have no regret." She was in the parking garage when he seized her and held a knife to her throat. He lowered it when a man passed by, then when they were alone again, he viciously stabbed her. Her body was discovered after a bit, and he was later apprehended.

I wrote a little about it but not as much as I'd have liked. The incident particularly shocked me because the Galleria is across the street from Morgan Stanley's White Plains office, where I worked for a couple of years. My co-workers and I often went to the Galleria for lunch and shopping. Though its assortment of stores isn't as ritzy as the Westchester Mall, the Galleria is a nice shopping locus that everyone thought was safe.

Westchester's county government was a criminally negligent accomplice in Mrs. Carriero's murder. Her killer was a homeless man who had spent 24 years in prison: he had raped three women in the Bronx, then had additional time added for attacking a fellow inmate. At night, he slept at a shelter near the Westchester County Airport, only several miles away. Each morning, he and the others were bused to White Plains to spend the day, then bused back in the evening.

He claimed he needed mental help, but that the "racist" system, run by "white people," denied him the treatment. Mental help? Was he mentally ill at only 19 years old when he raped three women? If he really was mentally ill with uncontrollable violence, then New York should have done the world a favor and executed him right then as an undeniable menace to society. Instead, we freed him, housed him at a homeless shelter (at taxpayers' expense), then transported the fox to the henhouse every day. It was at a store in the Galleria where he stole the knife he used. It was on the streets of White Plains where he decided to kill a white person.

The title of this entry is because, from what I saw on I saw Wednesday morning on News 12 Westchester, a new homeless shelter is being built just a couple of streets away from the Galleria. Some of them will be released sex offenders. Our county executive, Andy Spano, said "It's the humane thing to do" so that these people don't freeze. Tell me, Andy, when you're not too busy hiking property taxes again: just how "humane" were these criminals to commit their crimes? I really don't believe anyone in Westchester County's government really wants another woman murdered by a homeless ex-con, but they're setting the stage.

I have the perfect solution to keep those sex offenders warm and out of trouble: return them to prison, and keep them there until they rot. Or perhaps the shelter can be opened in Spano's neighborhood? After all, he's so full of goodwill, and he apparently thinks people in White Plains will be safe from these what would his family and neighbors have to fear?

Let he who is without hypocrisy first cry out "Not in my back yard."


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