Thursday, July 07, 2005

"They forced me into a position where I'm racist"

So claims a convicted rapist, who has now confessed to the hideous murder of a purely innocent woman at the Galleria mall in White Plains, New York. This brutal stabbing hit home for me, because my days at Morgan Stanley were literally across the street from that mall. A close friend and I used to shop and get lunch there.

This murderous rapist directly said that he decided to kill her because she was white. Blaming everyone but himself, he claimed that white people have oppressed him and "forced" him to be racist. Did white people "force" him to rape three women over two decades ago, or attack another inmate while in prison? No, he said that he didn't become racist until after his release. Whether it's new or he's harbored it since birth, the plain fact is that he's been a menace to society since he was 17 years old.

Incredibly, he might get a sentence of merely 15 years to life. Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro has lost my respect. She's tried to create this image of being tough on crime, but now she's considering whether to charge him with murder as a hate crime. I've written previously that the concept of "hate crime" is a stupid one. It's unspoken basis is that one victim is more important than another.

Charge this bastard with murder, and be done with him for good: execute him. Is Pirro so incompetent that she can't seize on this part of his confession? "I wanted to kill someone who represented the white lifestyle." He was already armed with a knife, which he had stolen from a department store. This is not second-degree murder, but premeditated -- Murder One.

But even if he were convicted of capital murder, this is New York state: the death penalty is permitted here but no longer enforced, no matter how egregious the crime. At least this bastard is not demonstrating the least bit of remorse, so a parole board will hopefully never let him breathe free air again.


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