Sunday, January 08, 2006

Farewell to a new friend

Friday was supposed the last day to view the latest Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, which was scheduled to be taken down yesterday. I can't confirm if it was, not having been in the city since Friday night. WNBC's live tree cam is still up, strangely enough.

Each year has such a beautiful specimen. It's hard to say whether the latest tree was better than any of its predecessors, but as a tree, it was magnificent. A while ago I posted a picture of the tree that I took in early December. Here are two more that I had forgotten to put on my blog. The first I took on December 14th, quite late at night. I stopped by on my way to Grand Central after the company Christmas party. The second I took on the afternoon of December 23rd.

2005 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on evening of 12/23/2005

2005 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on afternoon of 12/23/2005


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