Thursday, August 04, 2005

And "Reverend" Sharpton is...completely silent

Al Sharpton recently called for a march in support of three street punks, one of whom got beat up as they were running around a neighborhood, looking to steal a car. Now a Jewish man was beaten up by three black men, so we should expect some outcry from Al...right? Isn't he for tolerance and against hate? Well, as I pointed out last night, apparently not if you're white or Asian.

August 3, 2005 -- A Hasidic man was attacked by three black men spewing anti-Semitic slurs at him as he walked to his Crown Heights home, police said yesterday.

Arie Grudka, 50, was punched in the face Monday at about 10:45 p.m. as he walked along Schenectady Avenue between Crown and Carroll streets.

Grudka said the men accosted him from behind, punched him in the face, knocked off his glasses and shouted, "Hey, Jew, what are you doing here?" and, "Let's get the Jew."

Three Hasidic men came to his aid and the attackers ran off. Grudka suffered a bloody nose and a cut lip.

Crown Heights suffered days of rioting in 1991 after a black youngster was accidentally run over by a Hasidic driver and a rabbinical student was stabbed to death by black youths in revenge.
So what is Sharpton doing in the aftermath of this obvious "race" crime? Nothing. No plans for a march in the name of "racial unity," no appeal to the black community to stop the violence, not a damn thing.



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