Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sharpton "promoting racial harmony"?

I knew there had to be a catch somewhere.
Sharpton Promotes Racial Harmony in L.A.

LOS ANGELES - The Rev. Al Sharpton announced Monday he was forming a coalition to promote racial unity between blacks and Hispanics in the city, hoping to ease a long-running rivalry over jobs, housing and schools.

"Neither community can be what it needs to be unless we are together. We are not each other's enemies," Sharpton said at a news conference. "We cannot turn on each other at a time that there are those that exploit, oppress and suppress all of us."

Sharpton called for a range of public activities aimed at bringing attention to the shared interests of blacks and Hispanics, from community forums to church visits to radio appearances. The group, the Latino & African-American Leadership Alliance, plans a march later this month on the anniversary of the Watts racial riots.
Shouldn't attempts at "racial harmony" also include Caucasians and Asians, or do they need not apply to this new coalition? Of course not: remember who we're talking about. Whites and Asians are, after all, the targets of Sharpton's incessant "racism" accusations. You can't hurl baseless allegations at allies, which would disarm Sharpton of race-baiting, his principal means of staying in power.

This is good for Sharpton and other demagogues. Blacks and Hispanics can forge a strong alliance, get all sorts of expensive social programs passed, and bankrupt the city. Then more whites and Asians will flee L.A., which will give Sharpton more ammunition to accuse them of racism. He can also accuse middle-class blacks and Hispanics who leave L.A. of being race-traitors.


Blogger Daytripper said...

I found your Blog most interesting. It seems that in this day and age someone is always stepping up to the so called "plate" to be the Big DAddy of the downtrodden. I for one believe that if each person regardless of his or her race, color, religion, creed, sexual orientation, (or any other thing that would define them as a person)would just take personal responsibility for their own actions the Big Daddies would become extinct. Unfortuneatly many folks, caucasians included, love to be told they are suppressed, oppressed, depressed, repressed, compressed and anything else that will give them an excuse to live a life of "copping out". No wonder God likened us to sheep.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005 1:56:00 AM  

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