Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blog roundup

Bainbridge: the Professor details Joe Biden the plagiarist.

Captain Ed: the sanitary conditions of Cuban health care. Warning: these are extremely disturbing images that may affect your appetite for ages.

Confederate Yankee: Maurice Hinchey will be speaking at an Islamofascist, anti-American group's meeting. Congressman Hinchey is the same one who dreamed up this conspiracy theory that Karl Rove gave the fake "Bush memoes" to Jeff Gannon to eventually leak to CBS. He has no proof but repeated the allegations on Sean Hannity's radio and TV shows.

Coyote blog: how to spot a dictatorship. (Courtesy of Glenn Reynolds)

Glenn Reynolds: I'm still single and unattached, and again this isn't to be a chauvinist, but wow! My admiration for Mediterranean women has held Italian women in the highest regard. Now I'm starting to wonder if Lebanon leads the world in having the highest number of beautiful women per capita. Here's another linked to on Instapundit -- she's now famous through Yahoo's news photos. Ah, someday I may have to travel to Lebanon. My late father loved visiting Beirut back in the 1960s, when it was a veritable jewel. God willing, it soon will regain that lustre.

Larry Kudlow again shows why he's the wise uncle to supply-siders: fix the federal budget deficit by cutting wasteful spending. Keep taxes low to promote growth. Laffer Curve!

Powerline: of all the things, Jordanians praised a suicide bomber at the funeral, after he killed over 100 Iraqis.

Tim Blair: the idiot president of Democrats.com thinks "We, the progressives" don't have the kind of influence on mainstream media that "right-wing bloggers" do? What planet is that Fertik guy from?


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