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Like father, like daughter -- and the Tuttons are both morons

There's a single fundamental problem with liberals: they breed. A second problem that some liberals have experienced: you may dare to make personal attacks against me, but rest assured, I will finish things.

Case in point: since Tutton our liberal "But I'm not a liberal!" troll couldn't face me any longer, so he had his inbred daughter bother me with the following ridiculous correspondence. She didn't even just e-mail me; she went through all the trouble to find me on Facebook and bother me there. I rarely log in there and frankly don't have the time, between old friends finding me and all the event invites, to keep repeating myself.

So she wrote:
I read your blog debate with my father... Joseph Tutton... Are you people kidding me??
I replied:
To whom do you refer by "people"? I presume you're pointing to me and others who believe as I do.

You're still young with many things to see, and many other situations to consider. For the last two weeks, I've been in the Third World, which I didn't need to understand certain things. If children here didn't work alongside their parents, if they didn't toil in the fields or try to sell worthless trinkets to tourists, they'd have a happy life of leisure that would be cut quite short by simple starvation. That's just the way poor societies are.

Child labor isn't desirable because we all want our children to be in the ideal state of playing, laughing and school lessons, but I merely point out that reality for some economies dictates otherwise. The West doesn't need child labor like poor countries, because Western economies can afford it. What governments dictate about child labor is meaningless, because legislation must always give way to economic reality. That's what your father has trouble comprehending.

Please feel free to continue the discussion on my blog.
And as if we needed more proof that liberals are inherently stupid, she replied:
I really don't care... maybe you should have stayed in the Third World and sold trinkets and helped their society instead of coming back here complaining about how the rest of American's suck. Instead you waste your time and others by spending hours on blogs and insulting others who you really know nothing about. What do you think it looks like when you go to Third World countries where people are starving to death and you are severely overweight? If you think I am even slightly interessted in commenting on your blog you are really out of your mind. I have no desire to give you anymore ammunition for your sad little life and your stupid little blog.
Kindess Regards...
That was from a week ago or so. As I said, I don't log in there that often.

My reply yesterday:
What a marvelously unintelligent response. I can see you have no concept of international trade, and it would do no good for me to explain that "the poor" cannot prosper by trading only with other poor. They prosper by trading with "the rich."

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, when a woman accused him of being drunk: "And you, madam, are ugly. But at least I can lose more weight." My fiancée is a more beautiful, kinder and more intelligent person than you could ever dream of being.

Feel free to continue on my blog. Please don't bother me anymore here, I'm really far too busy. But I know you're just a coward and fear defending yourself in public.

Regards to you and your idiot father. Like father, like daughter, eh?
As I wrote a long time ago, "A poor person does not prosper by trading only with other poor; a poor person prospers by continually creating things of value that "the rich" can buy, and then trading with other poor." In a later post I added,
Some new technology was created with the common man in mind, like Henry Ford's Model T, yet it's usually the case that the preceding technology, which led to if not facilitated building the new, required "catering to the rich" capitalism before it. And capitalism is based on free markets: the freedom of every producer and every consumer to engage, or elect not to engage, in peaceful and voluntary transactions with other peaceful individuals of their choosing. It's not just the freedom of "the rich" to spend their greater wealth. It's the freedom of everyone else to provide goods and services to "the rich" so they can earn higher incomes, and that won't happen if the rich are taxed down to everyone else's level.
So it's far better for me, for Filipinos, and for the global economy as a whole if I stay right here and earn many times more wealth for myself (which itself is a small fraction of the countless billions of dollars of new wealth, not transferred wealth, my employer creates as a whole) than your typical Filipino. The young and universally ignorant Adria probably won't understand that when she . No doubt she doesn't appreciate how her job as a clothing "sales rep" depends on global trade, and "the poor" of Third World countries making the textiles and sewing the fabrics.

I have no need to defend myself against her ludicrous personal attacks, as she has no basis to make them in the first place. Chalk it up to her cowardice in defending her undefendable arguments ("I have no desire to give you anymore ammunition"), and her likely jealousy of my incredibly beautiful fiancée. I know I'm a lucky guy, but I may live my whole life and never realize just how much, to be with someone so beautiful inside and outside.

On the other hand, the conversations with the Tuttons give me all I need to evaluate them and their rudimentary philosophies. I should consider myself doubly lucky, since I didn't wind up with some pasty-faced, redneck moron like Ms. Tutton, a self-described "conservative" who supports the flip-flopping GOP socialist Mitt Romney. Triply lucky? After looking at her picture and listening to her babble, is it any wonder her relationship status is "single"? Think about it, guys: not only would you have to kiss that, which you'd think evolution could have weeded out by now, but you'd have to listen to inane, Hillary Clinton-shrill pillow talk all night long! That's more frightening than the dream I had the other night, in which I couldn't find my fiancée, and I was subsequently arranged to marry some black girl whose butt was like two beach balls put together.

I should consider myself further lucky that I'm going to marry someone who understands real economics, including that some societies just cannot survive unless children work. Will the Tutton ignoramuses ever understand that recognizing that poor societies need children to help economically isn't saying children should work? For the millionth time, it's only saying that the parents alone aren't enough to feed the family. Somewhat similarly, St. Paul talked all the time about God's grace through Christ Jesus, but he was also careful to explain that it didn't mean the necessity of sin. It would be better if we didn't need God's grace, but the fact is that humans inevitably sin and thus make grace necessary.

Regarding my former status as overweight, and she's going by the months-old pictures I have on my Facebook profile, my larger body mass (particularly when relative to the typical Filipino) is simply a product of my relatively greater prosperity. That's all there is to it. Why should I feel bad that I'm doing better than the poor across the world? But like a good socialist, and like her father she is one though she'll deny that till Judgment Day, she thinks people should feel bad for having more than others. I hardly feel that way to have more than "poor" people, whether they're Filipinos or Africans or Americans, and I shouldn't. I work hard for what I have and shouldn't have any negative feelings whatsoever about it. However, after seeing how poor people live, I can feel more appreciative of what I have. Actually, I should say "what God lets me have," but I've already talked enough theology for today.

It was a sobering thing to see a man on a sidewalk of Cebu City, which we explored for a bit during a three-hour layover, as he scavenged larger pieces of cardboard (which here in the U.S. we wouldn't have a second thought about throwing away when we buy a new computer or home appliance). He looked anywhere from 30 to 40, probably closer to 30 with his skin weather-beaten from being in the sun all day, every day. His little girl, maybe 3 or 4 but possibly older and malnourished, was with him, jumping around and "playing" as he used a plastic cord to strap the cardboard to the back of his bicycle. It was a pitiable sight, but you know what? Reducing myself by moving there, to make a few hundred pesos a day myself, will not do a damn bit of good for him, for me or for the world economy. Foreign aid, by definition the redistribution of wealth from one government to another (and inevitably a transfer from one nation's poor to another nation's rich), likewise won't do him a bit of good. What will help, eventually, is international trade. I stay here in New York and keep producing as much as I can, economically speaking, and hopefully someday he can produce something that someone somewhere in the world will want. Then that person may produce something someone elsewhere in the world will want, and in time the chain will lead to me. That is how the world prospers, not by imposing our labor standards on the Third World. The Third World is too grounded in the economic reality of survival at any cost, because despite what its governments may decree, it still can't afford our enlightened ideals of "children shouldn't work" and "no one should have to work more than 40 hours a week."

Oh, and tell me how I felt about my appearance when walking around Philippine malls, garnering a lot of attention from all the pretty Filipinas. My mother and aunt told me I'd stand out as a "gwapo," solidly built guy, especially with my lighter complexion and walking with an American swagger. Pretty uncomfortable, actually, considering I was always with my fiancée. Urp. One afternoon I was going to wear just jeans and a long-sleeved striped sport shirt, and she wanted me to change my shirt to a plain polo so I wouldn't look "too nice" -- for an obvious reason. But I don't mind, because there's only one girl for me now. Actually, there's always been only one; it just took me a number of years to find her.

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