Sunday, July 01, 2012

There's no lie too low for liberals when advocating their socialized health care

On "Face the Nation" this morning, some jackass threw out the lie that we spend 17% of our economy on health care cost increases, and that that's more than what we pay in taxes. I should not need to explain the difference between costs and cost increases.

It's a statistic commonly thrown out that health care is17% of U.S. GDP, which would be about $2.6 trillion of a $15.5 trillion economy's annual output. Federal tax revenue is about $2.3 trillion, which is ignoring the $1 trillion that the federal government is borrowing in the name of John and Jane Taxpayer. Nonetheless, I for one would rather pay 17% of my income on health care I want and need, than any amount to a government that spends my money any damn way it pleases.

On the McLaughlin Group, some sensible fellow had a point I've made for years: this isn't about people paying for things with their own money, but with someone else's. Even private insurance works that way, undeniably, but at least I have the choice of paying in.


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