Sunday, June 10, 2012

How to deal with graduation pranks: withhold their diplomas for a year

These "seniors" are just animals who have no respect for others. It's not enough to suspend them from graduation events. Withhold their diplomas for a year, with the consequences that the college-bound now can't go, and those not going to college won't be able to get jobs requiring a high school diploma. Arrest every last one identified on the videos and charge them as adults with assault (which even as misdemeanors will be stapled to their records every time they apply for a job). Then they should be  employed for the next school year as janitors, so that they can experience how hard the staff work to clean up their messes.

There is no place in civilized society for their behavior, and they had better be taught a serious lesson now instead of being mollycoddled. My friends and I would have never done such things, for the simple reason that we never dreamed of being vandals. Our parents raised us better.


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