Friday, May 04, 2012

Thanks for another screwup, Netflix

After reporting our umpteenth cracked disc a few days ago, I checked the following day to see that nothing was happening in our queue. Normally Netflix sends out the next disc, whether a replacement or the next item in your queue. Did Netflix intentionally stop the next items because I've reported so many cracked discs? Then Netflix can do something and stop sending out so many. I've called their hotline to tell them that it's always the same pattern, so it's either their machines or the local post office.

Our queue still wasn't moving yesterday, so I finally called to see what was going on. Not only did the agent seem disinterested, I saw this morning she did not follow through with her offer of an extra rental to make up for the cracked disc.

Good job, Netflix. It's not the price hike per se that caused you to lose millions of customers customers. It's the insult of a price hike when service quality is going down. We're probably done at the end of this month.


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