Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Manny Pacquiao now learns that liberals' "tolerance" is only if you agree with them

He's been banned from Los Angeles' Grove mall, after an AP reporter (edit: I was incorrect to say it was Mario Lopez) goaded him into talking about gay marriage. Note that Pacquiao did not even quote the Old Testament, so he never actually suggested we execute homosexuals. It was actually the reporter who included the Leviticus passage, then later clarified that Pacquiao never quoted it. How typical of the liberal media.

The Grove's statement said, "The Grove is a gathering place for all Angelenos and not a place for intolerance." It's a perfect example of liberals' innate hypocrisy: their "tolerance" is hardly as "tolerant" as they'd have the rest of us think. While they demand everyone else "tolerates" and "respects" their opinions, they are intolerant of opinions they don't like. If the Grove weren't so intolerant of dissent, they would have tolerated Pacquiao's statement while offering a friendly gesture: "Please come and mingle with our many customers and visitors, whose sexual orientation doesn't matter in this wonderful place of commerce." What's more, the Grove's statement is itself intolerant by singling out "Angelenos" -- are they saying it's a place for just non-locals?

I once took an English Literature class in which a cross-dresser (mascara, blouse, skirt, and combat boots) constantly turned it into his forum to bash "right-wing, hate-spouting Christians." I didn't care how he dressed, or his orientation, but his off-topic vitriolic diatribes weren't anything but attempts to provoke, and a complete waste of our time. He was tolerated by the professor, though, maybe welcomed silently. If anyone had objected that we needed to get back to discussing literature, we'd have been thrown out for intolerance, if not "hate speech."

The gay marriage issue is still entirely a red herring. It's about some people using force ("government") to make others dispose of their property as the first group wants, nothing more. If your employer won't extend benefits to you and your same-sex (or opposite-sex non-married partner), then go work somewhere else that will, or start your own business. If you don't like that your employer extends those benefits, then go work somewhere else that doesn't.

But these are the days when the Obama regime is forcing Catholic schools and other institutions to offer insurance plans with contraceptive and abortion "benefits." This was completely unthinkable until the last couple of years. Soon enough, churches will be required to offer same-sex marriages, under penalty of losing tax-exempt status, or a Justice Department investigation. So much for tolerance of others' different opinions.

Then you have the usual drivel of the New York Slimes, who evidently thinks "general" means "always," and insults a young woman for her boyfriend getting her inebriated and pregnant. "I hesitated before picking on Bristol because she’s an easy target. It’s like shooting moose from a helicopter flying low over the tundra." This twit himself used the term "date rapist" -- how would liberals react if he used his insults toward rape victims in general? He'd probably be decried as a closet conservative.


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