Sunday, April 08, 2012


Just received from dear Yitzie:

Little David returns from the synagogue. His Mom asks, "What were you taught today?"

David excitedly replied, "The rabbi told us that the Mossad ordered Moses to sneak through the enemy line in a mission to rescue the Jews from Egypt. When they reached the Red Sea the engineers built a bridge and all the Jews crossed the sea to the other side. Then Moses called the Air Force command through his cell phone and asked them to immediately send planes to bomb down the bridge and the Egyptian Army drowned in the sea. So, all the Jews were saved."

His mother can't believe her ears. "This is what the rabbi told you?"

"Well, to tell you the truth no! But you would never believe me if I tell you the rabbi's story."

Editor's note: I think if the Israeli military did such a strike, the receiving country would nonetheless feel as if the Almighty himself kicked their butts.


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