Sunday, January 01, 2012

The awesomeness of Drew Brees

I'm not much of a football fan anymore, but for Drew Brees to break a record set by Dan Marino, untouched since 1984, is amazing. And just as I was wrapping up this post, he made his 451st completion, breaking Peyton Manning's record set back in 2010!

He's a phenomenal athlete, but more importantly, a real class act. There has been criticism that the Saints shouldn't have "run up the score" so he could break Marino's record. I find it ludicrous that a team should stop trying to score if they're so far ahead. In fact, if they're indeed so far ahead that additional points wouldn't matter to them, then likewise losing by 20 or 200 wouldn't matter to the losing team. And the Falcon's Mike Smith showed his own class by blaming no one but the Falcons for not being good enough.

"If winning is not important, then Commander, why keep score?"

All you need to know about Brees' unrivaled sportsmanship is what he said after:
This record isn't about one person. There may just be one person that goes on the ledger, but it's really about the team. I want every man years from now, hopefully a lot of championships from now, to be able to look back and say I blocked for that guy when it happened or a guy on defense say that they had a big stop that gave the ball back to those guys. I want a receiver to say that they caught 50 balls that year for 600 of those yards. I want everyone to feel like they were a huge part of this.... I wish I had 150 of the [game ball] to give out to the team and everybody in the building. I guess we could cut it up. I don't know. I guess the ball itself is not as important to me as the memory, because that's something that will live forever."
Now what was the point of this commentator's idiotic statement earlier, "In fairness, Tom Brady isn't far behind"? How the hell does "fairness" fit here? (That's actually was prompted me to write this post.)


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