Friday, December 30, 2011

The socialist conception of "justice"

Simply put, it is to take from those who have created and/or invested, and give it to those who simply demand it.

I have special reason to be angry over this, as someone who's had his property stolen despite no crime and no charges. It comes down to "the law" ready to shoot you if they can't take what's rightfully yours. After half a year, Jacob Ostreicher hasn't been charged, tried or convicted. Yet Bolivia's government is going to auction off his rice holdings, "so that it doesn't go bad." We should not be surprised that the quantity of rice is being understated, and we should have every expectation that Ostreicher will be freed but not see a dime.

"A judge in September ordered Ostreicher's release on bail, then six days later revoked that decision." The judge finally reached an agreement on his cut, no doubt.

To hell with Evo Morales -- God strike him down dead like every tyrant deserves.


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