Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nice people you have working for you, FedEx

"It's hard to find good help" doesn't begin to describe this. Check this out. I can't wait for FedEx's explanation. As a matter of publicity, they'll have to fire the driver, but so what? Who will he screw over next time? I swear to heaven, this world is filled with people who should be exiled into black holes.

It's not an isolated incident. The FedEx rep hung up on me as part of their screwing me over, when I desperately tried to find the package on Christmas Eve. Several years later, I still don't use them deliberately, like when someone sends a parcel without telling me their courier of choice. If I order something that uses different shippers, I've paid extra to use a different carrier, and I've also not placed the order if FedEx is the only option.


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