Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sam Brownback did a nice job in proving he's a miserable piece of shit

This is a good lesson for young Emma Sullivan: don't give in to this modern Nazi.

Consider, people, that Brownback has staff specifically looking for what's said about him online. It doesn't matter that Sullivan didn't even say what she joked she did. Brownback is such a paranoid megalomaniac that he's forcing her to apologize. This is beyond Orwellian thought crime. On top of it is a high school principal who clearly isn't thinking for himself and probably doesn't need his arm twisted to force an apology. He's probably all too happy to make this a lesson on how to be a good citizen: turn over your property at the state's demand, and shut the hell up lest you anger your overlords.

If Brownback wanted to do the world a favor, this fucking asswipe would go to some warzone he supported sending Americans to, and have his own goddamn guts blown up. I originally wrote "brains," but he clearly has none.

There, will that paragraph get Brownback and his staff to come after me? Or do they only have the guts to go after a teenage girl? There is a judgement after this life, and if it has any justice at all, every last one of those cowards will roast in pain for the rest of eternity.


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