Wednesday, August 03, 2011

To hell with you, Verizon

After 10 years, and many thousands of dollars I paid for a service I generally liked, your idiot and his equally moronic supervisor dare to insult me?

Verizon, you still don't seem to get it: you can't just rely on the iPhone to lure new customers. You have to keep your existing customers happy.

"Brett," you are complicit in attempted theft. I'm completely serious that you can shove your beloved Alias right up your lying ass.

Addendum: this isn't the first time I've been displeased, though not as pissed. When I started my current job, I faxed in the form to get the corporate discount. It was never applied, and I could never get a hold of anyone who knew about it. Then we got a new account rep, who signed me up right away. "OK," I asked, "what about a credit for these months I should have gotten a discount?" After all, it was their fault. The response: silence.


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