Sunday, August 07, 2011

This demonstrates exactly what's wrong with our country

Watch the whole thing.

You have someone brain-dead who feels entitled to a college education paid for by others, including a stipend for rent. Now because he was living with his girlfriend, he figured he could spend the rent stipend on himself.

But it gets better: the girlfriend stopped paying rent, meaning she was stealing from the landlord and trying to defraud her boyfriend.

To top it off, here's an ex-judge turned private arbiter who says a couple of good things, but ultimately she's too stupid to realize that all this came to be only because people are forced to pay for the lives of others.

No doubt the boyfriend will graduate, further devaluing four-year degrees the same way central banks inflate currency. Today, a B.A. or B.S. has as much weight as a high school diploma once did. In my junior year, I talked with a professor about whether the "business concentration" option offered any advantage in getting a financial services job versus the standard theory-based economics B.A. He advised me not to worry, saying it's graduate degrees that lock you into a particular field, and the first four years are to "develop critical thinking skills." That's something for the teen years, but after all, "society" can't risk kids doing anything so challenging that they can't finish high school, right? So high schools continually dumb down graduation requirements, and colleges have followed the same path. Why not, when there's a steady supply of students so unprepared yet able to get loans and grants?


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