Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If the UK rioters are just thugs, why is Cameron so anxious to appease them?

You really are an idiot, David Cameron.

The riots are literally close to home for my family in suburban London. What used to be a quiet area now has thugs close enough (not on that street or adjoining, but close) that my family is afraid to leave the house.

There is no reason for things to have gotten beyond the first burned car, but what do you expect when a society is disarmed, and the police are doing zilch? This is what happens when people surrender their right to self-defense in favor of relying on government to save them. I would never trust police to shoot looters and vandals on sight, because as a general rule the police are not accountable for their actions, but I would trust homeowners and shopkeepers to defend themselves and their property. Every one of these criminals deserves to be butchered alive, then impaled around town on stakes.

Here are the most telling pictures I've seen on Yahoo News. No comments or captions are necessary.


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