Saturday, August 06, 2011

Happy birthday, Lucy

So few will ever come close to the humor, wit, class and business savvy of Lucille Ball, who was born 100 years ago today.

"Americana" means nothing without including "I Love Lucy." Contrary to any polls that say otherwise, it is the greatest comedy show ever. Today it still makes us laugh and cry, a snapshot of time when "funny" did not require being salacious or vulgar. Think about how much is still a part of us after six decades, whether it's "eeyewww!" as only she could do it, her and Vivian Vance working the candy conveyor belt, or the two pretending to be Martians.

Yet she had a film career before and after. I grew up knowing her only from her eponymous show, and after her passing, I read a wonderful piece that Bob Hope penned to remember her. She may have been "Queen of the B [movies]," but when the studio asked him who he had in mind for a co-star, he said, "I chose Lucy."

She hosted "Three's Company" to look at its best episodes, which was more than fitting. That show, and many others, owe so much to her pioneering of misunderstandings and physical comedy.


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