Monday, July 11, 2011

Upton and Chu can rot in hell

I thought Billy Beck was a little more restrained on Fred Upton than he's wont to be, but with Steven Chu he's back to regular form.

Of course the media is an apologist for this:
The provision requires that by 2012, lightbulb manufacturers produce bulbs that generate the same amount of light but use less electricity to do it. It would not outlaw incandescent bulbs, nor mandate production of the curlicue-shaped compact fluorescent bulbs. The new energy-efficient bulbs, which hit hardware and drugstore shelves this year, are similar in appearance to the old bulbs—they have the familiar shape and cast the same warm light. They are more expensive than the old bulbs but last longer and have the net effect of saving consumers money, according to the Energy Department, which estimates that the bulb law will save Americans $6 billion annually in energy costs.
This is logic from an Orwellian nightmare. The law's proponents are half truthful in claiming that it doesn't directly outlaw the bulbs, glossing over the simple truth that outlawing the manufacture of something is tantamount to outlawing the product itself. They know most Americans are stupid enough to swallow that, and the lie about saving money in the end.

There is a special place in hell for these devils and their minions.


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