Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harold Camping can go to hell, not that he needs any help

Today is indeed the day of judgement -- for Harold Camping. Let this finally fish this fraud, liar and false prophet.

Camping makes Jesus Christ out to be a liar. In claiming he knows, he's saying the Son of Man wasn't telling us the truth in Matthew 24:36 or Mark 13:32. Tomorrow morning, those two verses should be the only sermon preached throughout the world.

If the Almighty really is warning us through a turd like Camping, such a deity is so unworthy of our worship that I'd sooner go to hell out of principle. If Camping really is right, I'll have excellent company in hell. Could you imagine an eternity of "salvation" next to Camping with his smug self-righteousness? It would be far better to laugh with the supposed "sinners" than cry with such "saints."

It pains me that a good friend has been so caught up in this, deliberately scheduling vacation this last week for what she believes is her last week on the planet. I asked her, why was she bothering to show up to work at all? She could have used her savings to pay this month's rent, food, etc., since after all it no longer matters after today. Right?

Because of my friend and all others he led astray, it would have been better had Camping tied a millstone to his neck and thrown himself into the sea.


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