Sunday, June 20, 2010

Idiots for the weekend: a Darwin Awards recipient and one close to winning

No, I'm not talking about the leftist troll Washboard (but check that out for his latest idiocy and cowardice over at my friend Karol's blog). First up:
A woman who realized she was on the wrong Brooklyn subway platform Saturday tried to cross the tracks to the other side - only to be hit by an oncoming train, police said.

Shatonia Spencer, 23, died instantly when she was struck by a Q train pulling into the Prospect Park station, police said.

Upon entering the underground station at Ocean Ave. and Lincoln Place at 5:30 a.m., Spencer mistakenly walked to the northbound platform, police said.

But instead of crossing over to the southbound side, Spencer hopped down to the track bed and then tried to climb up to the southbound platform, police said.

She was attempting to scale the steep platform wall when the train arrived in the station, police said.
The only thing I find sad about such idiots is that they screw up transportation (subway service has to be stopped, roads have to be closed) for everyone else. In this particular instance, my only regret is that though her job was paid for by taxpayers, the city's just going to hire someone new, so it won't save taxpayers any money.

Was that cold for me to say? If so, then why should I express any sympathy for such a complete idiot? Maybe her boss will see the silver lining: someone this unbelievably stupid shouldn't be working for him, so now he doesn't have to worry about firing her.

Even worse are when these stupid people take others with them. At a gas station this evening, a middle-aged bitch at a gas station pulled up next to us, continuing to puff away on her cigarette. She stayed in her car for whatever reason, but her window was still down, so all it would have taken was a flying piece of hot ash... So I quickly finished, hopped in the car and said to my wife, "Let's get the hell out of here."

I thought about going inside to complain to the attendant, but 1) even the owner could do no more than call the police, who'd arrive far too late; and 2) we could have found ourselves trapped inside as the pumps successively turned into fireballs. If we had reported her license plate to the police, she could have denied it.

This woman was lucky. Others are not, and God save us from them.


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