Saturday, March 20, 2010

Attention idiots and other race-baiters: you can leave the whole planet now

Many Americans, certainly every black person and race-baiter, has heard about the Wal-Mart "incident" in Turnersville, New Jersey, several days ago: someone got on the PA system and said, "Attention Wal-Mart customers: All black people leave the store now." If you watch the video, some utter moron actually dialed 911 (or said he did) over this!

This morning, the Yahoo News article was updated to say an arrest was made. Right now it doesn't say who, but according to ABC News, Wal-Mart suspected a customer. Fox News merely mentions a 12 p.m. news conference.

From the start, my money has been on a non-employee. It could have been an employee looking to create trouble, but race-baiters not only seize on this very sort of thing, they could have created it themselves using the easily accessible PA systems.

Look at the "victims" to see just how awful and frightening it was (I say that sarcastically):
"It could have led to violence," Arter told "It could have triggered someone who was having a bad day. I don't want to be an innocent bystander to something because of someone's not-so-funny joke."
What "violence" is she talking about? That everyone not black would suddenly round up the black people? Actually, any risk of "violence" was from black people who'd go ape over the announcement and start causing destruction. Oh dear, was that "racist" to say "go ape" about black people? Then how is it appropriate to use that slang for "going crazy" about white people? Just who are the ones making something into a racist term when it isn't?
"I can't go back in," said Patricia Covington, who was also in the store and spoke to "I went to Target instead. I can't bring myself to go back in there."
That's a lot of baloney and illustrates Americans' general stupidity in using verbs they don't understand. She was still physically capable of returning. She simply didn't want to.
She and her friend Sheila Ellington were checking out when they heard the announcement. An attorney, Ellington is also a member of the Gloucester County Minority Coalition.

Both were frightened, unsure of whether the person on the microphone was going to do something violent.

"This voice was controlled and confident," Ellington told "It didn't appear to be a prank."
"Ellington is "an attorney who specializes in bias," and "she told officers she'd like the incident to be reported as a bias incident as well as harassment." I suppose it was pure coincidence that she was right there, being checked out?

Is she enough of a damn fool that she really thought something serious was about to happen? "It didn't appear to be a prank." Did she really think Wal-Mart was starting to organize something? Does she even have two working brain cells to realize that Wal-Mart would never try such a thing, because of the obvious ramifications?

"Controlled and confident" -- how did she know? Or is that just race-baiting spin to make something worse than it actually was?

NPR's naturally sympathetic coverage:
An African-American who was in the Washington Township store at the time says in the Inquirer that it took five minutes for store management to get on the p.a. to apologize.

"We waited and waited. Some people just left their carts in disgust and said they couldn't believe it," Victoria Arter tells the Inquirer.
Five minutes, really? Did she time it? Yet other news accounts say that a manager "quickly" went on the PA.

At least the caption is correct: that other woman says she was there. If the incident happened at 7 p.m., the sun was about to set even though Daylight Savings Time had just kicked in. So that interviewer, and CNN's, went to "the scene of the crime" long after the fact, stupidly looking for soundbites from anyone who could claim, "Yeah, uh, sure, I was there!"

I just noticed a block of text on the left margin of CNN's article: "Wal-Mart Stores Inc." and "Racism and Bigotry" are two separate links on two separate lines, but bunched together so that you'll think they're one block of text.

We'll see in a couple of hours who's been arrested (with my updates, 80 minutes), but I bet if the person had gotten away with it, this racial Reichstag fire would have been more ammo for the race-baiters to use against Wal-Mart: cash payouts (like when Michael Richards' supposed "victims" were looking to get money out of it), promoting a certain quota of black employees as recompense for the "incident" (who by definition are unqualified if they weren't already being promoted), and cushy "advisory" jobs for locals -- like "an attorney who specializes in bias"?


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