Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do these idiot UCLA students think they're in France?

They're certainly acting like it, whining like the recent college grads I wrote about a few years ago, except this time about a 32% fee hike.

If these whiners can no longer afford school, then they need to take fewer credits and/or work (more) on the side. Why should everyone else (i.e. taxpayers) have to subsidize their education? Even an ultra-far-left friend, when he was studying in Germany, had no sympathy for university students who were protesting proposals that they'd have to get jobs while in school.

"We're fired up, can't take it no more"? That's right, we the taxpayers can't take any more of these twits. Shame on them. Deport them all to France, where they belong. This country doesn't need any of them. Then again, they're a perfect example of everything wrong in California. My father used to mock this "gimme" attitude by saying (as the effective words of the one he was mocking), "Hooray for me, to hell with everyone else!"

The latest headline is "Group blocks regents from leaving UCLA building," because the whining dunces are linking arms to prevent the regents from exiting the building where they held their meeting. Forget the police -- what the hell is wrong with the regents, that they don't have the balls to swing a few punches or burst on through? They need only push through a pair of interlocked arms, then push and shove as necessary, and the rest of us will see on the news how quickly these cowards will part like the Red Sea before the Hebrews.

The regents would be perfectly in the right, and any students wanting to fight back were already the aggressors and hence could (should) be arrested.


Blogger jk said...

I saw video of the aftermath on the morning news. No doubt a few hundred thousand dollars worth of damage will do a lot to keep their fees down.

The Tea Partiers are often derided, but I enjoyed the photos of Washington DC after their protest -- compared to the Obama Inauguration -- now I'd add the UC Santa Cruz riot.

Monday, November 23, 2009 4:31:00 PM  

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