Thursday, October 08, 2009

Links for today

"This is what awesome looks like"

What else did you expect when government gives away others' money?

How do you say "idiotic goobers" in Arabic?

Mark Sanford is such a goddamn hypocrite.

Fang Zheng proves that Communist China took his legs but not his spirit.

Is it surprising that one of Roman Polanski's biggest defenders is a pedophile? "Fucking frog-eating French faggot." It rolls right off the tongue.

• Via Michelle Malkin, the Obama White House is displaying blatantly plagiarized art. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to buy something from Ward Churchill?

"As members of the Congressional Black Caucus, we support our colleague, Charlie Rangel..." That's not racist, huh.

• In 2006, I called Mohamed ElBaradei "The world's biggest idiot" for what he said about Iran's nuclear ambitions: "Our assessment is that there is no immediate threat." Madeleine Albright seems to want to take the title away from him. Remember, she's the same goddamn bitch who called the Lockerbie bombing "that terrible, terrible accident."

• I wouldn't shed a tear if these "wildlife watchers" get eaten by bears someday. That would be poetic. The hunters could have very well saved their lives, and for their act one was given a criminal citation for a "weapons violation"?

The nature-worshipping leftists claim, "The hunters could have missed!" But it didn't happen, no more than every American could "possibly" kill someone every time he/she gets behind the wheel of a car. When the mathematical chance of an event is not zero, it's "possible" but does not mean it was anywhere close to occurring. For example, Obama making real tax cuts -- well, actually, bad example, since that's a zero chance there.

Blubbering Barney Cockslurper wants to move up the date when the feds exert more unrighteous authority over credit card companies. He wants "quick movement" his diarrhea of the mouth?

The legislation already hurts honest consumers while "protecting" the irresponsible. Now it will hurt the former even more. Credit card companies won't have the time to evaluate risk and accordingly raise rates and lower credit limits, so some may very well raise rates and slash credit limits across the board.


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