Thursday, October 08, 2009

Don't worry: the feds will spend borrowed money, but it money!

I commented over at Three Sources about the health care "public option":
I knew it wasn't dead. Baucus said that the lack of a public option was a victory, because as he unequivocally stated, he just wanted something that will pass the Senate.

In other words, he didn't care that he got everything, just that he got something at this stage. The boiled frog doesn't notice the temperature gradually rising, remember?
I also made a point that the news hasn't made about something it's touting:
By the way, did you see the latest Big Lie? This is as egregious as anything in months.

The health care bill will still cost over $800 billion over the next decade, but it will actually be reducing the deficit!

They will be spending $82.9 billion a year for 10 years, but because there will supposedly be $81 billion total over those ten years cut here and there, they can claim it will "reduce the deficit."

Anyone who claims this is a liar condemned to hell, and anyone who believes this should follow.
I thought the claim of "reducing the deficit" would be based on the new bill being "only $829 billion," when the original proposal was $864 billion. The new reason is even bigger horseshit.


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