Saturday, August 01, 2009

State-worshipping conservatives: "But the law says so!"

Here's McQ's take on the so-called "Birthers." Well, I think "Birthers" are crazy, but not for the common reason. I think they're so crazed about removing Obama from office on the basis of being unqualified, when instead they should focus on his immoral actions being the reason to remove him from office. Does it matter if he was born in Kenya, or Hawaii, or on the moon, when he's set out to destroy this country?

It's Obama's own actions that created the issue. (He could have done it deliberately as a distraction, or so he could paint his detractors with a broad brush, but that's another topic.) The only copy of his birth certificate that I've seen was the original posted online, which was debunked as fake, and now all we have is a copy. I could accept it as "good enough" on its own merits, except that even these conservatives are falling back to, "But the state of Hawaii's laws says it has the full weight of an original, and the COLB says it's genuine, SO THEREFORE IT MUST BE REAL, NYAH NYAH!!!" (That's a parody of what he said, but only a mild one. That is the essence of his argument and his attitude toward others.)

In science, this is called "begging the question." Most people misuse that phrase when they should be saying "This begets the question," as in to say something produces a question. The true definition of "begging the question" means to form a circular argument where the original premise is now assumed to be true. In other words, this absurd idea that because a purported copy of Obama's birth certificate says it's true, therefore it must be true. And because the state of Hawaii's laws says it is as genuine as the original, therefore it must be true.

Good lord, with state-worshipping conservatives like this, who needs liberals? I'm not arguing either way: the birth certificate could be real, it could be fake. I started by trying to do this putz a favor, correcting him on the U.S. Code and also pointing out that he should judge a document on its own merits, not rely on "the law" to declare something as truth. Apparently he considers this "sophistry" and wanted to devolve the discussion from there.

What does it matter if "the law" says something is true? Since when in history has "the law" ever been inherently right? If something is true, then it can be proven on its own merits, not just because the state declares it.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men; men governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons."

As I said,
Considering I’ve had police and a DA lie about me in their “official documents,” and magistrates and their clerks bear false witness against me AND threaten me arbitrarily with incarceration, you’ll kindly excuse me for ascribing zero face value to any government documents.

I’m not stating this about Obama’s birth certificate (including the lack of an original). I’m stating it as a general principle.
Does it matter if Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya? It's his actions that define him as the antithesis of everything about the word "American." As far as I'm concerned, he's virtually the Beast described in Revelation that he might as well have been born of a jackal.


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