Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When liberals want to make things "fair," watch out

It goes without saying that it's unfair for the self-employed to pay taxes on their own health insurance, while businesses get tax breaks. But "unfair" is seen differently by different people. What's truly unfair ends at that comma: that anyone should be coerced into giving up his property involuntarily, for the support of others favored by the government.

Now, what is the Senate Finance Committee looking to do about this "unfairness"? Well, to finance all the new health care proposals, they need to raise hundreds of billions a year in new taxes, and one way is to taxing businesses on what they pay for health insurance. Obama again shows his complete hypocrisy. He's leaning toward this, yet he denounced McCain in last fall's debates, because McCain proposed this but offset by an individual tax credit (i.e. the government invents a convoluted way to charge you less, or take your money and return it to you, so that you feel grateful).

A child might compare this to Morgana, Ali Baba's servant, who saw a mark on their door and so similarly marked all other doors on the street. A thinking, comprehending mind would realize that this is looking at two men, one with both of his legs and another with only one, and that "making it fair" means cutting off one of the first man's legs.

Nothing could better epitomize Harrison Bergeron's world.

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