Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I guess Hitler was actually speaking...Austrian?

Petitedov, guest-blogging at Alarming News, links to Hot Air's and Ace's posts on Obama's reference to the "Austrian" language. This wasn't a reference to culture, but the language that the Austrians are speaking, as if someone from Dixie said to a bunch of Yankees, "I don't know what you call it in New Englander..."

"Mickey Finn" tried to justify it by talking about regional dialects. Liberal idiots like him will say anything to excuse or dismiss Obama's idiocy.

My comment:
Well damn it, Eric, Mickey is showing that we were wrong all these years. You know, all those old videos...Hitler was actually speaking Austrian, not German!

But wait a minute. Part of the justification for the Anschluss was that, after all, the two countries share the same language. So that means Germans...are actually...speaking Austrian?!

Right, Mick?
So much for our smart president. As a friend said, "I'll take my faith and guns any day over his type of pseudo-intellectualism."

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