Monday, January 26, 2009

What would they call it, Obama-Jugend or Jungsturm Barack Obama?

This loon, an "ethics professor" (meaning you can dismiss virtually anything he says as pure garbage), wants Obama to set up a youth corps.


For all once they graduate from high school, for two years.

Paid at minimum wage, room and board provided. (I won't touch on the stupid economics behind this, because it's secondary. But briefly, think of how many billions of dollars this will waste. Young adults could be out there working at jobs they want, producing things of actual value.)

We shouldn't be surprised that Obama's worshippers are proposing such things. Parents were already all too willing to hand over their young children to The One, and various ghetto rejects were naturally eager to step up and pledge themselves. But that still isn't good enough. Your children must join The Movement to be indoctrinated, and that's that.

This is the sort of outright slavery that makes Selective Service look voluntary. During 2004, the false rumor was that Bush would reinstitute the draft. Now there are proposals for Obama to draft every child after high school for two years, and nobody bats an eye.

When your children are seized, don't ever say you weren't warned. People are already pledging themselves to be "servants" to The One. If this video doesn't creep you out, then either you belong to him, or you don't realize the gravity of the situation.

As I was telling a friend last night, I feel like Dr. Strangelove. After watching that video, I have to stop my right arm from doing a Nazi salute.

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