Thursday, January 08, 2009

Catching the AP in the act: if the news isn't bad enough, they'll rewrite it

Take a look at the original article, which is still on Forbes' right at the moment, but I'm reproducing it here as a screenshot, lest the AP require that it "disappear":

Elsewhere, the article has been replaced by an update. Here's the article on Google News' site (again, a screenshot):

It's now the 11 p.m. hour, so the article was rewritten and republished around 10 this morning. See the differences?
New claims for unemployment benefits dropped unexpectedly last week while the number of people continuing to seek aid rose sharply, the government said Thursday.The number of people continuing to seek unemployment benefits has risen sharply, according to government data released Thursday, indicating that laid-off workers are having a harder time finding new jobs as the recession enters its second year.

The Labor Department >>also<<> to 540,000. T, but the new figure partly reflects seasonal volatility that occurs around the >>shortened<<>>week<<.\
Virtually the same beginning paragraphs. It looks like Rugaber comes from the San Francisco Chronicle and is now at the AP. His editor probably said to him, "What the hell are you doing? We can't report good economic news! At least not just yet, not until Obama has been in office long enough to take credit."

Good lord. At least Dan Okrent at least admitted the New York Times is liberal. Evidently his counterparts at the AP have no shame.

And as if Rugaber's rewrite weren't already laughable, he changed it again!

It's no secret that the mainstream media is so liberal, hoping for a recession while Republicans control the White House, and they'll even try not-so-subliminal imagery to convince Americans of a "bad economy." Usually it's the AP's ultra-bear "economics" writers Martin Crutsinger and Jeannine Aversa, whom I have skewered on this blog, and occasionally Tim Paradis, the AP's "business" writer. I enclosed "economics" and "business" in quotes because the trio regularly demonstrate that they don't truly understand their assigned subjects. I will readily concede that "writer" is far more accurate than "reporter," because in their bias, they're definitely not reporting news. They're just writing bullshit to suit their liberal agendas.

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