Sunday, November 23, 2008

A note to Abraham Biggs Sr.: go off yourself also

If that's how you truly feel, then do the rest of society a favor: go join your son. You'll get not a whit of sympathy for me, not after your idiocy of blaming everyone.

1. It was not up to the rest of us to save your son. He was his own person. If a person really wants to kill himself, there's nothing the rest of us can do.

2. You said, "It's a shame I wasn't there to help him." Is that all you can say, "It's a shame"? This was your son, you stone-hearted asshole. If it were my son, I'd be too grief-stricken for weeks to make more than five words in comment.

3. The rest of us don't live there. You live there, and your son died in your bed. So where were you when your son needed someone? Are you so emotionally removed from your own seed that you didn't see or heed any warning signs?

Police didn't arrive until 12 hours after the suicide announcement. Didn't anybody in your household think to check on him, or do you customarily leave someone alone for half a day? He was 19 years old, on prescription medicine, apparently doing nothing all day but surfing the WWW. Nobody wondered where he was when he wasn't seen even to get food in the kitchen?

Oh, but you were "working"...just what do you think the rest of us do?

4. People who announce suicide intentions tend to be craving attention more than death. Your son was the boy who cried wolf, so why should anyone have taken him seriously?

5. If you think it's easy to send over the police when someone threatens to kill himself online, you're a complete moron about life, not to mention clueless about modern technology. You're assuming that the police will take this seriously: why should they divert scarce manpower when the kid could be crying wolf again?

And at minimum, to track the person, the website operator must be notified. Responsible admins just don't hand over IP addresses to anyone who claims to be law enforcement, no matter how "urgent" the matter may seem, so the police department's credentials must be verified. Then the corresponding ISP must be contacted, meaning law enforcement credentials must be verified again. This all takes time.

So your son had mental problems, which I suspect is because you couldn't raise him properly, and you want to blame and "regulate" the rest of us for your own shortcomings?

Go to hell, asshole. The "shame" is that you didn't die instead of him, because if anyone is to blame, it's you.


OpenID rteengohan said...

Dude, or should i call you a faggot, or maybe a prick, Fuck off, if you had the fuckin time to type all of this shit you must have no life, maybe you should off yourself, and is this kids father wants to say its a shame then let him. No matter what reason this kid lost his life, it was a tragedy and i think the father has all rights to say what ever the fuck he wants. Im really sure if it was your family you would say the same damn thing. Every human being, every one of us are corrupt so go suck a dick and get over it, your not so high and mighty because im sure you would do the same. Oh and we shouldnt be deciding whos to blame we should be mourning our loss, we lost someone, all of us have, Abraham Biggs was a human, a person just like each and every one of us and he, and his family deserve respect.
R.I.P Abraham Biggs

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 9:37:00 PM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

How about this, catamite: stop slurping your pederast and think about reality for just a teensy second.

I never said the father didn't have the right to say what he did. He even has the right to accuse others of being responsible: they're just words. But he has no right to try to make me "responsible" for his son's death, or control my life in reaction.

And meanwhile, I have ever right to call him, and you, a complete imbecile. Biggs Jr. is debatable, but you and Biggs Sr. clearly deserve no respect from anyone.

And if it were my son, like I said, I'd be too busy grieving over him to give such a cold-blooded soundbite to the media. Nor would I sit around blaming everyone else for what my son did, and for what I failed to do.

Learn to read next time, you wretched little moron.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 9:47:00 PM  
Blogger m said...

i dont know u Perry but i agree with absolutely everything u said. being an african myself i can tell that his dad didn't really open up with his son. my pops was worse. and that prick rteengohan needs to get punched in the face... that fuckin idiot

Saturday, June 26, 2010 11:12:00 PM  

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