Sunday, November 09, 2008

A curious admission on the local news channel

No link, but this is the precise quote from a piece on world celebrations: "Now this poor African nation [Kenya] can claim one of the world's most powerful leaders as one of its own."

Oh really? So are they saying it's true that Obama's not an American citizen? Or are they saying his loyalty is to Kenya?

Most likely they don't even care that Obama is of African descent. They're just full of "hope" about Obama's Global Poverty Initiative (and when you Google it, the search hint comes up with "global poverty initiative obama"), and though Obama being a mulatto means he'd probably support the program more than a white politician, Kenyans would be just as happy if it were a white president who pushed hard for it.

The GPI is pure socialism, just like everything else Obama champions: the U.S. will give 0.7% of its GDP in "foreign aid," which Kenyans outside government circles are stupid enough to think will be distributed to them. Even if the U.S. economy doesn't grow beyond the current $14.4 trillion annual output, the GPI means $100 billion a year that U.S. taxpayers must give to the rest of the world, or putting it another way, the 100 million of us who have significant tax liability will have to cough up $1000 each! And even if the money were willingly given, at best, look what happens when aid distributors actually make the deliveries (remember that virtually all government-financed "aid" is distributed through UN or UN-allied channels). At worst, it will be like North Korea, Zimbabwe or Saddam's Iraq: aid will be kept by the government, and distributed to the dictators' supporters and/or sold for ready cash.

And then news showed..."Obama as Che" T-shirts. Wunderbar. Will Obama try to exceed Che's body count?



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