Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Again, just who is making it an issue of race?

Donovan McNabb is. Indeed he can relate to Obama -- it's true! Both are fine examples of someone not as talented as he or the general public thinks he is, but (Rush Limbaugh was right) the media so wanted a black man to "do well" that they made a mediocre one out to be more than he really was.

I previously linked to my comment at QandO, where I wrote,
But now we have our first affirmative action president, whose election is some sort of "reparations" for the past. And like any other affirmative action beneficiary, the person was completely unqualified but was "helped up" because of his skin tone. Moreover, I can’t believe you, or anyone else blogging here, has yet to pick up on this: Obama isn’t like most black Americans! His white mother met an African student during the Civil Rights days, but Obama doesn’t have slaves and sharecroppers in his family. He has nothing, NOTHING in his heritage in common with black Americans who did in fact endure the likes of Jim Crow. Well, nothing except attending a "black liberation" church for two decades.
Oprah said, "I was so, so, so excited and then just sort of a calm came over me. It feels like it actually is kind of real, so it feels great." I'm still scratching my head over this one. "It feels like it actually is kind of real"? So it's not real?

Then that dolt Beyonce said nothing as follows.

I'm sick and tired of hearing and seeing "first black president" everywhere. What I care about is what the mind inside the skin will do about my liberty -- which is to say, will he leave me alone with my personal liberty?

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