Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It was solely your fault, Jose Luis Garza

Once in a while, a person demonstrates eating his way to death. Jose Luis Garza weighed 990 pounds when he died today.

Good lord, even with no physical movement at all, he'd have still needed lots of calories every day just to maintain that immense blubber body mass -- at least a few thousand a day, I'm figuring, more than a normal person needs. Just how much was he eating? When I lost 40 pounds last year, I was eating 1500 calories a day, losing about two pounds per week with only moderate running/jogging. To lose one pound of fat, you must burn about 3500 calories. So figure my body needs 2000 calories per day to stay at a stable weight, and 500 calories worth of daily exercise, and I'd burn about 7000 calories per week to lose two pounds of fat.

Jose, though, evidently didn't try to control his eating. That is, control it enough. Near his own demise, he blamed his overeating on his parents' death, but that was only nine months ago. How much weight could he have gained since then?

And of all the absurd things, his brother Pedro blames everyone but Jose. The loon blames the hospital (i.e. government) for not fetching Jose, never mind that there was no ambulance strong enough to transport the fat slob, and that a hospital couldn't do anything for Jose anyway. Jose had to help himself.

And Pedro wants to talk about "support"? What did he do to comfort Jose after their parents died? What did he do to take Jose aside (figuratively speaking, of course) and say, "Hey, you're killing yourself?" A dear friend said to me one day, as I feasted over another breakfast of a bagel, scrambled eggs and sausage, "Perry, you have the worst eating habits of anyone I've ever seen." What did Pedro do for his brother, besides blame others for Jose's slow suicide?


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