Friday, August 15, 2008

Just when you think envirowhore liberals can't get any more stupid (more aptly named e-mails:
Last year, the biggest oil companies made almost $150 billion in profits—an all-time record.1 But our friends at the Center for American Progress just released a report showing that John McCain wants to give them even more—$39 billion in tax cuts and subsidies.2

It's a stark choice: we can invest in solar panels on our roofs. Wind farms powering our homes. Plug-in hybrids that use barely any gas. New, green jobs revitalizing our communities. Or we can follow John McCain's plan, and keep giving billions of our tax dollars to oil companies.
Oh yes, their "research" and "studies" backed by the agenda-driven socialists at the CAP, which lists Tom Daschle -- one of the few in the Senate who was a bigger birdbrain than Harry Reid, for crying out loud -- among its "energy experts."

Contrary to what liberals say, "profit" is not a dirty word. Oil companies are providing a product that people want, and as best as they can, considering that the tree huggers and the federal government have screwed up natural forces of supply and demand. And if you think oil companies are making the biggest profits off oil, guess again: it's the federal and state governments. People buy oil and gasoline voluntarily, while governments force the companies to pay taxes.

Liberals are also complete idiots in the financial sense of spending far more money than these "alternative energy" sources are worth. Oh, sure, let's all spend $20,000 per home to install solar panels on our roofs. Not only would it would take someone like me 10 years to break even, I'd have to turn to a steady energy source on a dark, rainy day like today, and in fact anytime I needed a bit more juice. That $20,000 might get you as strong as a 2000-watt system, barely enough to power a decent-sized microwave and a few light bulbs!

Look at all the "34,520 People (and Counting)" on an "unofficial waiting list" for the Volt plug-in hybrid, which Chevy won't start producing until November 2010. Think of how many are so unthinking, so brainwashed by the envirowhores' reality-defying propaganda of "clean energy," that they'll plunk down $40,000 to $50,000 (the car will cost at least $40K per unit just to manufacture) for what really isn't a lot of car, thinking that extra money will be offset by saving gasoline! However many there are, you can safely bet they vote Democrat.

Rather than the federal government waste hundreds of billions of dollars on the "clean energy" lobby's demands, think of what you could get instead of the Volt: a relatively fuel-efficient (even discounting its size) Camry, quite a lot of car for being only in the mid-$20K range. Think of how long it would take you to spend $15,000 on gasoline. I have a friend who commutes to Greenwich in his Jeep Liberty, which is comparably priced to the Camry. Even when gas was at its most expensive, spending $80 per week on gasoline means he'd need three years and seven months to save $15000 on a Volt, not even counting the electricity costs of plugging it in, and without using its hybrid engine!

What these dimwits call a "tax break" isn't one at all. If they want to hike someone's taxes, but the taxes stay at the same level, they call that a "tax break" or a "tax cut." It's the same trick that Democrats have used for years: they call it a "cut" when a government program still grows but at a slower rate.

McCain is far from perfect, but one thing that's surprised me is his stance against subsidies. On the other hand, Democrats, and a lot of Republicans too, want to waste untold billions. Will we really "revitalize our neighborhoods" with these inefficient "green" jobs? Have we already forgotten that Obama wants to spend $150 billion to create these? As Bastiat taught us, that's $150 billion taken away from the rest of the economy, meaning at best, that $150 billion will create jobs by removing $150 billion from the rest of the economy.

You might be wondering why I bother to get e-mail from the MoveOn morons. The first reason is because you should know your enemy. We know what liberals say, because it rarely varies from what they've said before. It's the same mixture of state-worshipping with a twisted desire to run our economy into the ground. But we should always hone ourselves by constantly rebutting whatever specific arguments they're sending out at the present time.

The second reason is that I signed up as part of getting my own free Obama pin. Never fear: I have absolutely no intention of wearing it. I'll probably mutilate it and throw it away, but the fact is that I'll cost MoveOn some money: they're giving it away, including shipping at their expense.

Just think: MoveOn wants to give a million of the buttons away this week, and I say that everyone against Obama should join in. Let's get them to give away a hundred million of them! That's less money for them to use for their propaganda. As I told Don Luskin, we could make this effort as cost-effective as the KKK advertising on BET.


Blogger jk said...

Sure, Perry, it starts with the free pin. Then you start reading their emails and going to the rallies. Pretty soon you're subscribing to "The Nation."

A slippery, dangerous slope my friend...

Monday, August 18, 2008 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger Perry Eidelbus said...

You know the worst part?

Cindy Sheehan has promised she'll be my Valentine next year!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008 10:28:00 PM  

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