Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fry in hell, Jose Medellin

This rapist-murderer finally got deported -- to hell, where he belongs.

Good riddance. This bleeding heart defense says that he was never allowed to contact the Mexican consulate, but that's beside the point. Medellin's guilt was never in question, and as a comment points out, it was four years after his conviction when "I didn't get to talk to my consulate!" came up. In other words, it was a legal trick he and his lawyer used.

As far as Stephen Breyer's idiotic dissent that executing Medellin would violate our treaties, I'd like to see what treaty we signed that permits wetbacks to come here, rape and murder two U.S. citizens, and get away with it.

The only travesty is that he wasn't sodomized until he bled to death, which is still more than what he deserved.

A comment at Michelle Malkin's blog puts it so well: "I wonder if he let his victims contact their consulate before he raped, strangled and murdered them."


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