Monday, August 04, 2008

Florida and Michigan delegates are moot, so now Obama wants them seated

"Obama urges full voting rights for Florida, Michigan delegates."

If anything, I thought Democrats were all about "conservation" and reducing our "culture of consumption." So why bother seating delegates who aren't necessary, when their travel would require lots of carbon emissions and promote unnecessary spending on hotel rooms, meals and transportation?

Obama previously didn't want them seated, not when the two states' delegates meant more votes for Hillary Clinton. Now that it doesn't matter, Obama sees no problem in pandering, including throwing out the cliche of "party unity."

Obama has flip-flopped on Iraq troop withdrawal, bans on late-term abortions, and his threatened filibuster of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. He told different things to Arabs and Jews -- on the same trip, no less. And just this last week he's flip-flopped on oil drilling. I'm not the first to express this thought, but this slime makes John Kerry look principled! He flip-flopped on public financing of his campaign, which isn't a bad thing since public money shouldn't be given to any candidate, but it shows that Obama can't be taken at his word.

Think of Jack Ryan testifying in front of the Senate panel in "Clear and Present Danger": the senator asks if they can have his word, and Ryan simply replies, "You may indeed, because you have it." When Jack Ryan told you something, you could count on it being the truth (as far as he knew, that is).

Now think of Obama implying that we have "his word" merely because he said something -- yeah, sure.


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