Sunday, June 29, 2008

There is no amount of pain and suffering I would not wish on these tyrants

Lots of people are talking about Robert Mugabe, who's now been sworn in for another term after the farce of an election. But what about our tyrants at home? We complain about our federal government, which is so bloated that it would take less than three months to blow through the three quarters of a trillion dollars that my employer is managing for our clients. And there are more at the state and local levels.

To hell with you and your minions, Michael Bloomberg. I hope your sorry carcass rots painfully in hell for all eternity. First it was forcing private property owners to ban smoking in their bars and restaurants. Now it's forcing private property owners, and their voluntary customers, to stop using trans fats so they can be "healthier." If we eat our properly made cannoli or bread, what business is it of yours?

Rot in hell, you miserable son of a bitch.

And to hell with you, David Patterson, and all in the New York State legislature who supported the online sales tax. As of June 1st, it's not just purchases from Amazon that are being taxed. I just renewed an online subscription with Electronic Arts, who has no presence in this state, and I'm being charged sales tax. Even if the law is struck down as unconstitutional, which it is, how will I get a refund? Considering this is New York, the legislature will spend twice as much as the original refunds to return the stolen money. You greedy sons of bitches just can't keep your grubby mitts off other people's money. I wonder how you'll like it when the devil won't keep his grubby mitts off your souls.

Since when is taxation with representation any better than without?

Again, there is no amount of pain and suffering I would not wish upon each and every one of these assholes. If they died unspeakably horribly, whether struck by a Mack truck, lightning or an angel of the Lord, I would laugh with not an iota of sympathy.

Update: as I've said in the past, tar and feathers are an American tradition we really ought to bring back.

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